2012 NFL Mock Draft 4-23-12



  1. WOW! I just saw this mock’s predictions for Titans first two picks and both picks are DT’s? Really?! Apparently you know nothing about team needs.

  2. You have Mark Barron lasting until end of first round???
    I second the first comment and add you know very little

  3. Peter Olesen says

    WTF… You arren’t to smart, huh? Harrison Smith over Mark Barron for the Patriots at 27. That’s just a joke. You must be a Ravens fan, that wants him! Get real, man! :-/

  4. I love how every commenter is an expert mock drafter and thinks there is a hidden agenda for some picks… truth be told, crazy ish happens every year… even the experts of all experts at the big networks get massive amounts of wrong information/picks… at least these commenters make me feel better about myself…

  5. paulmbanks says

    So now I’m a Ravens fan? I’ve also been called a Packers fan, Michigan fan, Patriots hater. And stupid, dumb, knowing nothing about football, hhhmmmm, what else?

    Wow I’m really going to miss you guys until next draft season

  6. paulmbanks says

    And if my picks are so bad how come I beat both Brian Billick, and the Fox Sports mock draft in number of correct picks last year? These things never go according to plan

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