5 Ways Sports Leagues Can Prepare for Upcoming Seasons in Covid-19 Era


Like most sectors, even the sporting industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. With a majority of
sporting seasons being canceled, the onslaught has put a lot of financial pressure on the players and
even the sporting committees, in general. However, with MLB starting the new season with
refurbished rules and guidelines, almost every league across the globe is planning to resume
operations, like before.

Understandably, it will be slightly hard to bring audiences back to the stadium amid the challenges,
but the sporting leagues can follow 5 of the best strategies for rekindling the dormant spirits.

1. Opt for Digitalization

Even if fans aren’t willing to come to the stadiums at this point, committees and leagues can always
drive commercialization via online and digital interfaces. In the pre-pandemic era, almost 52% of
sports lovers used to consume sports-related content using smartphones and tablets. Therefore, clubs
and associations must aim at making the digital content consumption a more rewarding experience
during these challenging times.

2. Omni-Channel Marketing

Sporting events need to be marketed from a different perspective and across diverse platforms in order
to reach out to a wider audience base. Although social media posting, tweeting, and opening live
channels for a more holistic viewing experience are desirable options, nothing beats the techniques of
sports marketing and promotions, like giving away team uniform replicas, collectors cards, apparel
merchandise, erecting posters, retailing photo books, and more.

3. Tracking Analytics

A sporting club must ascertain personalized client preferences by creating cohorts. This approach
makes it easier for sports marketers to track, trace, and target clients based on their preferences. Event
and Season organizers must understand that customers have lost their zeal and it would require a more
personalized form of outfitting to regain relevance and traction.

4. Virtual is the Key

Certain organizers are already making profits by shelling out content via virtual interfaces. Even when
the physical interactions are allowed with customers flocking the clubs and purchasing souvenirs,
services, and tickets like usual, the sporting leagues must not let go of the virtual credence, including
live broadcasts, online channels, and more.

5. Leveraging Technology

Organizers must invest in technology for welcoming audiences back. Stadiums must popularize
cashless payments and digital ticketing for minimizing physical interactions. Besides that, stadium owners must also put up crowd density checkers at certain places while digitally enforcing social
distancing norms, as per the guidelines.

Despite the offers, discounts, and giveaways, it will be an uphill task for the organizers to provide
every form of reassurance to the fans while expediting their return to the stadiums. Despite the challenging situations, the mentioned techniques can come in handy for getting customers’ attention
back while paving the way for a more balanced consumption of sports-related content.

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