Twitter Reaction to Bin Laden Death: Chris Douglas-Roberts, Ghost Osama


Chris Douglas-Roberts

Late last night came the media event of the year. Osama Bin Laden getting captured and killed is a huge story for all Americans, and everyone around the world. There was a lot of interesting, thought-provoking and funny reactions all over the twitterverse in the last 24 hours. I share with you now, excerpts from the Twitter timeline of two of the more compelling accounts.

The first will certainly make you think; and possibly get outside your intellectual comfort zone. The second will make you relax and have a couple laughs.

If you haven’t started following Chris Douglas-Roberts of the Milwaukee Bucks, then you need to, now. He’s one of the most interesting tweeters in the NBA.

Some of the more standout tweets from CDR, who got over 3,000 Twitter mentions in the past 24 hours.

Is this the beginning of a huge religious war? I hope not. (shaking my head)

@Mpaff23 I’m the moron. Are you a Christian. Would God be happy with you celebrating death? Or is your religion, “American”?

It took 919,967 deaths to kill that one guy.

It took 10 years & 2 Wars to kill that…guy.

It cost us (USA) roughly $1,188,263,000,000 to kill that………..guy. But we #winning though. Haaaa. (Sarcasm)

People are telling me to get out of America now b/c I’m against MORE INNOCENT people dying everyday? B/c I’m against a 10 year WAR?

Whatever happened to our freedom of speech? That’s the problem. We don’t want to hear anything that isn’t our perspective.

bebawy22 Joe B @CDOUGLASROBERTS shut your dumb fucking mouth. you are not intelligent enough to speak on the subject.God bless America and the U.S military

Same people going nuts on me are the same people saying “bring the troops home”. Right? Right?!

What I’ve learned tonight, athletes shouldn’t have perspectives. But I don’t care. We feel certain ways about things TOO. #FirstAmendment

I didn’t know what I said last night would have the world (literally) talking this morning. That’s just how I feel. Still do. Thank you.



On another note, Osama Bin Laden is tweeting from the after life…(You knew someone would create an account like this sooner or later) You can follow Ghost Osama (who had 40,000 followers) by 2pm ct monday by going here

Well this sucks…I accidentally enabled location on my tweets.

I retired as the world champion of hide and seek.

I dont find it funny that soldiers teabagged my dead body.

70 virgins left. I need a cigarette and a nap.

@SaddamHussein what a party last night! I think we nearly made hell freeze over

If you’re wondering how I have access to twitter, being the most wanted does have its advantages. ;)

my life secrets I love @SarahPalin she got huge boobs and likes guns

@ElizabethTaylor not interested

Weird, Jeffry Dahmer keeps offering me drinks

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