What to expect from the 2008 Draft



By David K.

-I finally put Derrick Rose at the #1 spot to Chicago.  I guess I’m drinking the whole “how often can you draft a franchise point guard” Kool-Aid that everyone seems to be pouring.  I’m still holding my ground on my theory that whoever Chicago takes…expect a semi-major trade to follow in the coming weeks, if it doesn’t happen on draft day itself.

-There are so many wild cards in this year’s draft.  For example:

Stanford’s Brook Lopez and UCLA’s Kevin Love could go as high as #3 to Minnesota or fall all the way to New Jersey at #10. 

UCLA’s Russell Westbrook could sneak up to Seattle at #4 or fall all the way to Sacramento at #12. 

If Eric Gordon doesn’t go #6 to the Knicks or #7 to the Clippers, he could very likely fall into the late lottery. 

LSU’s Anthony Randolph is rumored to be in the mix of going #5 to Memphis, yet at the same time could fall out of the lottery.  (a.k.a. This makes piecing together a mock draft a difficult chore…yet somehow I manage)

There will be one major trade in the top seven picks that will royally screw up my final mock draft.


-Every year there is an established collegiate player who falls in the draft and Dickie V. cries foul when teams keep passing on him.  Expect a minute rant on how stupid these teams are for passing on Georgetown’s Roy Hibbert should he fall into the 20’s or Chris Douglas-Roberts if he slips into the 20’s. 

-With that comes the annual underclassmen who don’t get drafted in the first round, and thus, don’t get a guaranteed NBA contract.  That will lead to the annual Dickie V “who are these guys listening to when declaring for the draft” speech.  It’s like clockwork.  Trust me.

-Heading that list will be Texas A&M’s DeAndre Jordan who because he is 7’0 and athletic has been in scouts’ eyes since his high school days.  But he barely found his way off the bench for the Aggies in his freshman season.  He will truly regret going pro when he falls into the 20’s.  (For the record, I have NEVER been high on Jordan unlike ESPN’s Chad Ford.  And yes, that’s my way of calling Ford out.  BRING IT SISTER!)

-Jay Bilas will undoubtedly make the most sense of any broadcaster on ESPN’s set.  Hopefully, we don’t have to suffer through Stuart Scott asking the draft picks stupid question like why the Lopez twins are so enamored with Disney characters.  (I’m placing 2-1 on this question honestly being asked.)

-Expect Mike Miller, Richard Jefferson, or T.J. Ford to be dealt on draft day.



  1. paulmbanks says

    another thing we should expect is that Steven A. Smith will be SCREAMING AT US AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!! HE MUST YELL AT ALL TIMES!

  2. Jason Moe says

    I hate Steven A. Smith…If I saw him on the street, I would fight him NWO style…I would do the people’s elbow and a flying leg drop…It would be Awesome!!!

    Moe Diddy Runs The City!!!!!

  3. paulmbanks says

    “You wouldn’t be ballin if your name was Spaulding”

  4. paulmbanks says

    they picked only 5 mocks to plug…yours was one.



  5. Peter Christian says

    I also expect Stephen A. Smith to criticize the teams that pick Danillo Gallinari, Kevin Love, Joe Alexander and most other Euro players… figure it out.

  6. David K. says

    “-Expect Mike Miller, Richard Jefferson, or T.J. Ford to be dealt on draft day.”

    Got 2 out of the 3… Miller needs to be dealt so I go a perfect 3 for 3…

  7. “-Expect Mike Miller, Richard Jefferson, or T.J. Ford to be dealt on draft day.”

    3 for 3… how I do

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