Beasley Does It



Paul M. Banks explains why the Bulls might take Michael Beasley #1.

Amongst all prospects, Kansas State freshman Michael Beasley is perhaps the most NBA ready in terms of athleticism. The Bulls will remember the fact that he just had one of the most dominant seasons in college basketball history. His post game has progressed well with a great spin move and a very quick first step to get past defenders. His film conveys a soft touch on hook-shots and fadeaways. As you might’ve heard, the Bulls need post scoring. Beasley is tough in getting good position on the block, and he works hard to grab offensive rebounds. His numbers bear this out. His length, quickness, jumping ability and strength combine to make him one of the most difficult match ups for opponents.


Nelly once asked in his hit song #1, “What does it take to be #1? Before later stating proudly, “I’m like Sprint or Motorola, no service outta your range.” And Beasley’s range extends all the way to NBA three-pt distance. However, his services will be requested most in attacking the tin as last year’s Bulls had too many jump shooters and not enough balls to go around on the perimeter. Beasley has a sweet stroke, left handed jump shot that would make Bill Raftery scream ONIONS!!! ONIONS!!! He also has great elevation, leaping ability and overall length. Not to mention that the so-called attitude problems he had before have now pretty much disappeared. And we all know how much attention Bulls GM John Paxson pays to these things.

So Beasley does Beasley have “what it takes to be #1”? We’ll see….

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  1. paulmbanks says

    After writing a Rose column before, I had to do a Beasley one for balance.

  2. valid arguments, but I’m convinced now more than ever that Rose will undoubtedly be the 1st pick…

  3. Jason Moe says

    I know what it takes to be #1….

    1. Rose 2. Mayo 3. Beasley 4. Bayless 5. Jason Moe (I hear he is Awesome)

    Moe Diddy Runs The City….

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