Michelle Money: Bachelor “Star” and Alleged Carlos Boozer Mistress



Chicago Bulls superstar Carlos Boozer allegedly had a “money shot” on the side during his marriage. Yes, his supposed mistress’ name is Michelle Money, a “reality tv star” whose actual but porn-star sounding name gave us a story that is both rich in “air-quotable” material and deliciously bad puns. “Money talks” to Life & Style Magazine about the affair she claims to have had with the bald, mutton-chopped NBA forward.

Boozer, the black Vladimir Lenin (or Jim Cramer perhaps…) has yet to make a “Mad Money” style comment to the press. Perhaps he doesn’t want to throw good money after bad, or maybe there’s actually nothing to this story and “money ain’t a thang.”


According to Hollywood Gossip:

Salt Lake City resident Money says she met the Chicago Bulls power forward in Salt Lake City in 2009, while he was still playing for the Utah Jazz.

At the time, Boozer was still married to wife Cindy, also known as CeCe, with whom he has three kids. The couple filed for divorce in March 2009.

According to reports, however, they attempted a reconciliation shortly thereafter and did not actually terminate their marriage until August 2010.

In other words … baller was playing with house Money. So to speak.

Money admits to Life & Style that “what I did was wrong,” but insisted she thought Boozer’s marriage was over at the time of their love affair.

“I should never have been so naive to assume what I was told was true,” she said. “I’m not trying to shy away from the fact that he married.”

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