Link Bank 6-20-11: Amanda Bynes, Blake Lively Shark Diving, BORING Tweeters



Actress Amanda Bynes insists she has “no regrets” about posting intimate messages and pictures on, because she only reveals details she would tell an interviewer.

The “Hairspray” star quit the social networking site last year but has since rejoined and regularly uploads revealing comments about her personal life. (San Francisco Chronicle)

She actually has two Twitter accounts here and here. This pic of her is pretty hot. So are the photos I choose for this post.

By Paul M. Banks

amanda bynes

-Internet weirdoes and perverts, at the beginning of the monthI regretted to inform you that your Blake Lively nude pics are fake. (The Superficial) She’s back in the news again for her plea to help protect the giant killing machines at the very top of the ocean’s food chain: great white sharks. She recently went cage diving with great whites during the shoot of her last film.


“It was scary but it was also a beautiful thing. They were just as afraid of us as we are of them. We villainise (sic) them. Great white sharks are nearly extinct. There”s less than 1,000 of them (left). They are finned. (People) cut off the fins and then they throw them back in the ocean so they just drown. It”s a horrible thing that”s happening,” said Lively.

”The Town” actress braved her fears and took the plunge to come face-to-face with the great white sharks in South Africa, which are widely believed to be the most deadly creatures in the ocean. (MSN)


-“Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart does Chris Wallace (no, he’s not Biggie Smalls) show on Fox News. It gets FUN! and heated, as you would expect. But very educational, and if you want to hear the best, fair-handed critique of the mainstream media and everything that’s wrong with it’s laziness and default to base instincts, watch the whole thing (New York magazine)

-This past week, the CEO of The Sports Bank left the home office to visit Minnesota and @peterchristian. Of the many topics we discussed, were how BORING so many sports journalists we follow are on Twitter. Many of them are de facto PR flaks, and they’re just as dry and milquetoast as an official team account. Yawn.

I follow all the sideline princesses in order to get a jump on news pertaining to bikini models/cheerleaders with microphones, and let me tell you it’s about as exciting as watching paint dry. Jenn Brown and Charissa Thompson never say anything even remotely interesting, and Erin Andrews uses her account to do nothing but try and be friends with everyone. So a ton of people in sports media are much like a seven year old, everything’s always awesome and never a word that isn’t obnoxiously positive about anything.

Here’s a post version of our discussion, except about musicians.(Chicago Now-  Music Mom)

Britney Spears (@britneyspears) – Brit is approximately 90% about promoting herself and is afflicted by Lady Gaga’s belief that people’s days are made when she posts a new video.  Every now and then, however, she posts a cute pic of her kids and reminds us that she’s also a mommy.  To be fair, that is also probably self promotion as she may never work off the bad reputation she got during The Crazy Years

Snoop Dogg (@snoopdogg) – Okay, Snoop is an unabashed pothead, but is there any other dimension to him?  Apparently he has declared every Tuesday as #puffpuffpasstuesday and it’s literally all he tweets and retweets about.  He seems to have liberated an otherwise drug-free America to bake away their Tuesdays.

Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) – I don’t even know why/how I started following her and am only loosely classifying her as a musician.  She’s exactly as uninteresting as you’d expect- and very random.  Some of her tweets are inspirational, some celebrating whatever city she’s in, some retweets from Dolly Parton. (Chicago Now-  Music Mom)

-John Wall “threw out the first pitch” before a Nationals-Orioles game at Nationals Park. Video Link here. It was by far the worst attempt at a first ball we’ve ever seen. Really, my eyes hurt from this bounce pass. (Nationals Enquirer)


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