Link Bank 12-1-11: Adriana Lima, Kris Humphries Not Gay, Mindy McCready



Brazilian supermodel and Victoria’s Secret angel Adriana Lima being married to former member of the Minnesota Timberwolves player Marko Jaric is the very definition of “out-kicking your coverage.” Just felt like pointing that out.


-With the Victoria’s Secret fashion show Tuesday night, Adriana Lima is a hot topic this week. From

there was Adriana Lima, 30, who obviously earned her place in the spotlight – she admitted to working tirelessly to get the figure she draped in lingerie Tuesday night. She said recently she works out twice a day in the run-up to the show, and said her exercise and diet plan is “intense,” though she also added, “After this show, I become normal again.”


-The whole Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries marriage.divorce is a national joke, it lasted shorter than the NBA lockout. Maybe (likely) the union was a sham, but it did accomplish two things: now the entire nation has actually heard of a guy who 1.) played for the Minnesota Golden Gophers this decade 2.) is a New Jersey Nets team member not named Deron Williams.

So is Kris Humphries gay? Is Kris Humphries not gay? Here’s the latest on the post-divorce fallout

Star Magazine has blasted a huge headline: “Kim’s Bombshell: KRIS IS GAY!” The tabloid claims Humphries wouldn’t touch her after the honeymoon and he is now vowing to destroy the Kardashians.

A Humphries representative says the tabloid report is not true. The New York Post ran a statement from the free agent forward’s publicist that declares the allegations from Star Magazine’s story are “completely false and ridiculous. He is not gay.”

-Former Boston Red Sox and now L.A. Lakers HOT HOT HOT! reporter Heidi Watney went bungee jumping in a very picturesque New Zealand. She herself is always very picturesque. Here’s more Watney pics Video below from



-Sandusky may have to plead guilty. If he doesn’t, he may end up destroying Penn State entirely.

From the Patriot-News:

Joe Amendola, the lawyer lambasted by some for his strategy in defending the former Nittany Lions assistant football coach, can see what might lie ahead.

At some point, Amendola says, he may need to have a conversation with Sandusky about pleading guilty.



-Alleged mistress of disgraced steroid abusing MLB veteran pitcher Roger Clemens and epitome of redneck white trash Mindy McCready (I think she was once a country music star too? Well “country music star” and “redneck white trash” is redundant then. Anyway, she could be in big trouble with the law, cuz she’s knocked up again, and that would keep her from getting to her court-mandated appearance. (CBS)

Mindy McCready said Wednesday she will probably not be able to bring her 5-year-old son back to Florida to fulfill a judge’s order by Thursday afternoon – because she is nearly seven months pregnant with twins. By not returning as ordered, she risks arrest.

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  1. People should get a life and stop making rumors. So childish! People that talks …. about others that are not true are just bored with their life. Im not a huge fan of kris but 100% im sure he’s not gay. But i do really want to know what really happen with their marriage?

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