Link Bank 11-22-11: Jenny McCarthy, Mila Kunis, Caroline Wozniacki



Jenny McCarthy grew up not far from where I did, and attended a rival high school. (Well, it’s a rivalry, if you actually care about girls’ high school sports, but who actually does? A.A. Stagg vs. McCarthy’s alma mater Mother McAuley is pretty fierce).

Anyways, I know the southside Chicago meathead stereotype she’s speaking of; too well. Check out this quote:

“It’s tough to find a man’s man,” McCarthy tells Access Hollywood. “I’m from Chicago. I’m from the South Side, where guys eat meat and potatoes. They don’t know what a vegetarian means. They’re a guy through and through. Out here, they want to borrow my makeup and concealer. I want to bring a little bit of importing into my life hopefully, and look for guys outside of LA.” (Pop2It)

jenny mccarthy

Don’t get me started on making fun of that quote or the Southside “TALK MORE HOCKEY! YOUR GAY (misspelled intentionally) Jay Cutler isn’t TOUGH!” neanderthal she’s referring to.

Right, it’s sooooooo hard out there for a former Playmate of the Year to meet guys! Boo effing hoo! Then again, a 39 year old single mom, with two divorces? three divorces? And is constantly told she’s funny and witty even though she’s not…maybe her stock value has declined like General Motors.

And then there’s this quote:

“I don’t care if they have a big nose. I don’t care if they’re bald,” she continues. “Just really sweet and who’s a perfect reflection of who I am now. They have to have a job. I’d like them to at least be able to buy dinners and stuff like that. That is important.”

To quote a famous quote played by her ex: “So you’re saying there’s a chance.” Maybe you’ll see Jenny at speed dating or soon.

-Redskins WR Jabar Gaffney celebrates by slapping fan in the face (Bro Bible)

-For some reason the web really seems to care about Mila Kunis attending a Marine Corps Ball with Sgt. Scott Moore. I don’t know the story, don’t care to, don’t have the time to find out. But in case you do (E

mila kunis

-By the way, whatever happened with those Mila Kunis leaked pictures?


carolina wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki took time out of her very busy schedule of not beating top ranked players to participate in a tennis exhibition with the diminutive Dominika Cibulkova. And, as always with these exhibitions, the players showed the crowd a good time, perhaps even more so than usual by dancing, drinking champagne and all-around shenanigans. (Guyism)

Enjoy, there’s even cheerleaders and pom pons

-An ode to fantasy football giant Wes Welker is set to the Maroon 5 tune Moves Like Jagger, but unlike the Maroon 5 version, Moves Like Welker is so bad that it’s good, unlike Moves Like Jagger which is so bad it’s wretched. Granted, the guy singing this doesn’t quite have the vocal chops that Adam Levine does, but the humorous lyrics make up for the off-key caterwauling.  Plus the video is well edited and slightly trippy.

(Last Angry Fan)

Make sure you see the video for the original song, to understand why there’s an interview before and after the song.

-Moving on to the man who throws to Welker: (Busted Coverage)

You’ve heard of Peyton Manning Face. You’ve also laughed at Eli Manning Face. Now we have Tom Brady Face. Dude, even though you have multiple Super Bowl rings, that smokin’ hot wife and a giant wad of money, that face is Internet gold. Thanks to whomever skunked the Gatorade. An entire Brady Face cottage industry will be born after tonight.

-The lockout has ruined the NBA, and there likely will not be a season, therefore……IGN’s Fantasy Fantasy Basketball is a full league using NBA 2K12, and includes a 30 team season, live games, highlight reels and weekly commentary. The league is available on iOS and Android platforms and Facebook, so fans can play fantasy basketball on the go.

Registration for Fantasy Fantasy Basketball begins today here

The Fantasy Fantasy Basketball season starts Monday, November 28th.

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