Lakers 1st round pick Larry Nance once called Kobe a RAPIST


Kobe Bryant l.a. lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers selected Larry Nance Jr. out of Wyoming with the 27th pick in the first round of last night’s NBA Draft. Which means he’s about to become teammates with international superstar Kobe Bryant. It could be very uncomfortable when the two players meet in training camp this September given:

Neither Larry Nance nor Kobe Bryant has made a public comment or Tweet on this matter as of yet. Nance should handle this in the same manner that Bobby Portis handled his situation with the Chicago Bulls. Years ago he made a “fuck D Rose and the Bulls #TeamHeat” Tweet.

After being drafted by the Bulls last night, Portis did perfect damage control. He made an apology Tweet that was both sincere and slightly witty and humorous. Larry Nance needs to do the same.

It was a very high character NBA Draft. The guys entering the league this year were definitely high character. It’s the opposite of the NFL Draft. In general, the NBA is much more high character right now than the NFL. So that’s why we’re discussing controversial Tweets instead.

It’s time for Larry Nance to step up and take accountability.

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