Five reasons the L.A. Clippers, like Washington, need a name change now



The L.A. Clippers may have the most uninteresting and unoriginal logo in all of professional sports. They certainly have the most unoriginal color scheme. The L.A. Clippers are literally red, white and blue like the American flag. Like many other sports franchises, it’s an obvious pandering to your patriotism through their brand.

Only the Clippers are actually the shame, not pride of the greatest nation right now. Donald Sterling was voted the most hated man in our great country by a recent online poll. Yet, he sees his net worth increase by $2.2 Billion dollars as a direct result of his repulsive bigotry. What kind of message does that send?

Nevertheless, as Sterling gets the boot, so should the stupid nickname and mundane logo.

Here’s why:

Los Angeles Clippers logo donald sterling

1. It’s vanilla, and it’s derived from when the team was located in a different city. 

Look! It’s just a basketball!

There’s nothing in there to denote a tall ship, which is what the team is actually named after. And the team nickname originates from another city: San Diego. Which makes the logo and nickname doubly stupid. The city of San Diego is known for a beloved clipper ship in the bay. It’s a popular tourist attraction. If you go to the beach near Los Angeles, you won’t find any clipper ships. Unless they just now decided to move a bunch of tall ships into Santa Monica Pier, and just didn’t tell us.

Look at the clipper ships docked in San Diego’s harbor, and the original San Diego Clippers logo, with the sailing imagery incorporated:



I know San Diego is just a couple of hours or so down Pacific Coast Highway, but it’s a totally different city. Look at Charlotte, along with New Orleans, eventually they realized that “Hornets” only works in Charlotte, not NOLA. Because the city’s nickname, hence the hoops team moniker, actually came from King George III. He called Charlotte “that hornets’ nest of rebellion.”

Also, Charlotte is an extremely boring place with little going for it, so your other options were “Charlotte Ric Flairs,” “Charlotte Banking Corporation Skyscrapers” or “Charlotte Suburban Strip Malls.”

As for the Utah Jazz?

Well, we know Salt Lake City isn’t exactly known for hep cat jazz clubs, but we’ll save assessing that instance of stupidity for another post.


2. Making a re-brand wouldn’t be too difficult

The L.A. Clippers have zero championship banners and no retired numbers up in the rafters at the Staples Center. Other than the court itself and arena bunting, which they change almost nightly anyway for Lakers and Kings games, there’s very little that would have to be re-done. I guess you’d have to stop putting red, white and blue balloons on the statues of Laker legends outside. I think L.A. Live can handle such a transition.

3. Desperately need an image makeover

Your star player is a creationist who actually believes the Earth is 6,000 years old. Your (now former) owner is the worst bigot in the history of sports. Although Redskins founder George Preston Marshall comes close. And if you want to actually examine the Washington team name debate, take a long hard look at the guy who created the moniker. Back to the Clippers, I think they need some Image CPR! STAT!

When your power forward can’t accept science and your (now ex) ruling monarch can’t accept civil rights, it’s time for a total overhaul.


4. The time is now

To live and die in L.A. if I could channel my inner 2pac, or as he was called then, Makaveli, is to reside in a very socially progressive place. It’s an enlightened, sophisticated city populated by publicists and media moguls. The town knows a thing or two about trying to manipulate public image. So the Clippers

1.) need to distance themselves as much as possible from Sterling in an image focused place like this and

2.) they have the best talent pool in the world for accomplishing this task right in their own backyard!

Donald Sterling-la-clippers

5. The Washington football team is going to have to do it.

Daniel Snyder will eventually have to succumb to public pressure and change the name. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not next week. But the EPIC FAILURE that was the #RedskinsPride hash tag verified the inevitability. Here’s more on that situation. The L.A. Clippers should take pre-emptive action before they face a similar situation.

Paul M. Banks owns The Sports, an affiliate of Fox Sports. He’s also a frequent guest on national talk radio. Banks, a former contributor to NBC Chicago and the Washington Times, has been featured in numerous outlets including, Forbes and the History Channel. President Barack Obama follows him on Twitter (@paulmbanks)

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  1. Go figure. Another liberal clown who can’t think for himself. Everyone could have cared less 20 years ago about the Redskins name. It was a time when people had jobs. When people had more to think about in life. Now, libtard journalists sit around and think of something to get butthurt over. So, they jump on Redskins. Somewhere, some white guys are mad, so all the libclowns jump on the band wagon and beat the drum for change. All because they’re incapable of thinking for themselves. Just stupid sheep who go with the crowd. If an Indian logo and a name offend you, go choke yourself and don’t reproduce. You’re not smart enough raise a child or have a rational thought since you can only be a follower in life.

  2. Another lib getting his panties in a bundle. What does it mater if a player believes that God created the universe? It has ZERO to do with he brand. When you brought that into this equation you lost all validity as a journalist. This is my first and last visit to this site.

  3. Interesting.. out of the five reasons given by the author as to why the Clippers should change their name, four really aren’t reasons. The only justification that resonates is that the original name refers to a San Diego attraction and has no reference to Los Angeles. Okay, perhaps the need for an image makeover could be used as a justification, but I don’t think the Clipper name has any lasting connection to Sterling. The ease of changing the name, timeliness and the assertion that the Redskins will eventually have change their name are not real justifications for changing the Clippers name. The name “Clippers” is, in of itself, not at all politically charged. Moreover, if they did decide to change the name, it would likely be an complicated and expensive proposition, with new marketing and associated costs, building a new brand and so on coming into play (albeit, the new owner can apparently afford it, given how much he overpaid for the franchise).

  4. The changing of the Redskins name is fueled by ONE man Ray Halbritter, who is the disputed chief of the Oneida Indian tribe of NY. He has taken the millions of dollars obtained by their gaming center and poured it into changing the Redskins name. He has paid off politicians like the corrupt Harry Reid to push his agenda. He has ignored every poll, even polls among native Americans who feel honored to be the name of the NFL team. Over 75% of people polled have NO PROBLEM with the Redskin name, but as usual today, the squeeky wheel gets the grease. WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!!

  5. How can you call your self a journalist? this was nothing more than you pushing your own agenda.

  6. First time commenting but was reading regularly…will not be back.

    You ruined the most valid reason you offered for a name change by getting unnecessarily ugly about Charlotte. No reason to trash entire cities…has nothing to do with sports.

    From there your story continued to spiral into nonsense.

  7. What does Jazz have to do with Utah. Flip’n Liberal douche bag trying to push political correctness on anyone they can. A poll taken by the NFL in 2010 showed 85% of the American Indians they polled could careless about the name. Quite frankly some were proud just to be recognized. Though I dont agree with DS and his was said in private. Lets see the NBA ban the next white player that says nigger and black player that says some derogatory name…LOL cracker..Honkie…White Trash….bet they wont.

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