Kate Upton actually influenced the FG% at Thunder-Suns game



Kate Upton was courtside at a Phoenix Suns-Oklahoma City Thunder game last year. She was in OKC shooting a project and visiting her aunt and uncle. According to this video from the Thunder website, the St. Joseph, Michigan native is a big Thunder fan, and has been a Thunder fan for awhile. Take that Detroit Pistons, Kate Upton doesn’t love you.

The 2012 and 2013 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model’s presence actually had a statistical impact on this NBA game. I mean it’s Kate Upton she has quite an impact on all men.

A tip from the Daily Thunder:

At the basket where Kate Upton was sitting, both teams combined to shoot 39%, at the other basket 49%.


Who needs cardboard cut-outs of giants heads to distract the other team? Not when you have the blonde hair and huge boobs of Kate Upton.

Obviously, this is just coincidence, but I bet if you extrapolated further, you’d find a stronger correlation coefficient with Upton’s presence. I mean the Kate Upton picture below sums it up.

kate upton-bikini

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