How To Win More When Betting In Basketball


The National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the major sports that faced a setback earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as other sporting events progress, the basketball tournament is announced to return on July 30, 2020. It will be played in three sites at the ESPN Complex, Orlando, Florida.  

According to the NBA Board of Directors, they approved the new game format for the  2019-20 NBA, which consisted of 22 returning teams. The 22 teams are composed of 16 teams (8 per conference) for the playoffs season. Meanwhile, the remaining six teams are the groups with six games behind the eight seeds of the conference they represent.  

With the NBA’s return to the spotlight, fans and experts alike are excited to see who will clinch the title this season. Not only that, but bettors are also delighted as the betting games would provide another way to earn money in these trying times. To ensure that you earn more while betting in this iconic basketball tournament, here’s what you must do.  

Prepare To Learn  

Just because you have been watching basketball games for so long doesn’t mean you know the whole betting process of the game. The first step you must do before laying down a penny to a bookie is to learn how the betting works. Moreover, you have to find online bookies, like the betmaster casino, that you can trust to register to and fulfill your desire to wager.  

Once you get your betting account online, you need to learn the basics, terminologies, payout process, and many more. Aside from that, you must learn to compare odds from different sites to find the right value. Lastly, make sure you understand each team’s strengths to find the correct entry to bet.  

Bet For A Team You Are Familiar With  

Betting for a basketball team that you are familiar with applies to most newbie bettors. In the upcoming NBA season, it is expected that you might get acquainted with popular teams, and it’s an excellent betting start-up to consider them. It’s best to assess which team deserves your bet depending on your research. 

Besides that, betting for a team that you know more allows you to take a close look at their strengths and weaknesses. You can also study how the players can perform inside the court and what might be their edge to win the game. Lastly, you can also examine the coach’s strategies to make them victorious compared to other teams.  


Wager For Simpler Basketball Betting Markets  

The basketball betting games offer many categories with varying prizes. If you are new to betting, you should pick the simpler betting markets. Through this, you can easily understand how the complete wagering works before going to a more challenging one.  

Here are some simple basketball betting markets you can play.  

  • Moneyline – it is simply about picking the deserving winner of the game. It doesn’t matter how you considered picking for the said team as long as they make it. If you’re right, you win in this category.  
  • Points Spread – basketball points spread work when a bookie sets a specific value on how many points they might think the team can win by.  
  • Point Totals – the bookie sets the possible final score for each team by the end of the match. If you wager for the under, and the final score is lesser than the value set, you win. For over bets, you must gamble that the team can tally a score more than the value set by the end of the game.  

Make Good Money Management 

Like other sports betting games, basketball also requires a considerable amount of money before you can gamble. Although it’s good to earn the highest value when betting on basketball, you also need to ensure that you got a well-managed bankroll. 

To attain that, you must learn the amount spent and save. Understandably, you might be tempted to bet more if you win to save a lot. But if you also lose, you’d have to risk a lot of money to get back what you initially laid. While it’s your prerogative to do this, chances are, this can lead you to go bankrupt. Hence, be disciplined when managing your bankroll by knowing when to spend more and to stop. Use a trusted source like Doc’s Sports NBA to help guide you with your decisions.


There is no harm in finding the time to learn in betting basketball games like the NBA. It is a legendary sports tournament that is not only celebrated in the U.S. but also anticipated by fans all over the world. Aside from the team’s performance, fans look forward to the betting games because they offer huge prizes at stake. Therefore, if you are interested in betting for the upcoming NBA or other basketball tournaments, be guided with the wagering tips listed above to increase your chances of winning.  

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