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You heard about the guy who wore a Lebron Heat jersey to a Cleveland IndiansNew York Yankees game Wednesday night? It created such a scene that it became national news, and the story is spreading like wildfire over the internet.

And what happened made a large group of Indians fans look about as uncivilized as they did 36 years ago on Ten Cent Beer night. Yes, whenever you get a large group of New York Yankees fans together, you get MLB’s version of what gets caught in the gene pool skimmer. Yet the Yankee fans present looked downright classy and sophisticated compared to the fun at the old ballpark that went down.

Seriously Cleveland, you had a NBA star. Now he’s gone, GET OVER IT!

But on the other hand, Matt “LeBron Heat Jersey in Cleveland” Bellamy did something described as extremely attention whorish at best, completely knobbish (yes, I know these are not words) at worst. (Or maybe being an attention whore is worse than being a complete knob?) And Ohio State fans, he’s also one of your people. Thought I’d mention it.

By Paul M. Banks


However, I met him and his quite attractive (especially in her slutty-hot high baseball socks) girlfriend Wendy too. I talked with them for a good 15-20 minutes at Progressive Field, an inning or two before the infamous incident went down. They seemed like normal decent people. Wendy is an aspiring broadcast journalist, and you obviously know us media types are good people, right?

Bellamy just did something REALLY stupid in front of a modern day lynch mob- with cell phone video cameras and Flipshares instead of pitch forks and torches.

Here’s more about what went down from my new BFF Cleveland Frowns’ Peter Pattakos.

It’s unclear whether he’s the first one to make this fashion statement in such a public place in Cleveland, but he was certainly the first to get such a reaction. The story’s been picked up by major papers in Cleveland, Miami, New Jersey and who knows where else. Guy shows up at Tribe game in the offensive jersey and ends up being escorted from the ballpark by police while an angry crowd shouts insults and throws things at him.

I spent most of last night’s game standing on the Home Run Porch in left field , and when the Guy walked across the Porch in the fourth inning with his girlfriend, I followed them as they were showered with insults, beer, and debris (mostly plastic cups), and we ended up chatting for a few minutes along with Paul Banks of who was there too.

And here’s another account of the incident that includes five videos of police escorting Bellamy out of the Jake. These videos are NOT SAFE for work.

Bellamy did moronically ask for trouble, but seriously:

STAY CLASSY Cleveland! No one deserves harassment like that simply because you’re rooting for clothes.

Pattakos is a good, noble man. He went on to escort Wendy and Matt to their car, away from the cursing neanderthals of the ballpark’s bleacher creatures. Pattakos is a great writer, accomplished attorney and class act, I highly suggest you read his entire post, and also the first post he did on the night.

And the comments below it. These two comments really stood out to me. One slamming Bellamy and the other slamming Cleveland fans.

eldaveablo said…

I don’t even hate that this has Lebron involved, Lebron has nothing to do with this for me. The thing I hate most about this whole debacle is this new concept of being famous by doing something idiotic in front of the most people you can, and preferably in front of a camera. See the long list of Reality TV “stars” for examples like that loser on the hills, or Lebron in “The Decision” – OK, so maybe Lebron does have something to do with this.

This guy obviously was looking for attention by being an ass, and he got it. And while I like the fact that fans gave him holy hell, I hate that in the long run it only encourages more of this general disrespect in society.

I just wish he would have been able to sit through the game, avoid all major exposure, and then as he gets in his car someone takes him over their knee and spanks the holy hell out of him and then leaves with his girl – Enough to discourage this POS from doing this ever again.

Hauk said…

You have got be kidding me. We all love sports but to have this kind of connection to a basketball player is unhealthy. Yes Lebron cost Cleveland money for the economy but this in no way gives any person the right to invade another individual’s personal space. Maybe I would have been that emotional when I was 12 but at some point you need to grow up. Don’t rationalize what the fans did condemn it because that’s what it deserves.Is freedom of expression just a memory, boo all you want but to assault this guy with vulgar language and beer cups is outside the line.


Echoing that last guy, DON’T be too hard on Wendy and Matt. I got to learn a lot about both of them, and believe me, their lives are not easy! They live and work in Sandusky, Ohio which they assured me is a total sh**hole, even by state of Ohio standards for s**holes. That town is NOT what you think it is (Callahan Auto Parts company from the film “Tommy Boy” or Cedar Point Amusement Park) So really, attacking him is pointless.

From Cleveland Frowns, but again I was also there and heard this story:

Wendy also told me that Bellamy had a four-inch scar on the back of his head from having been mugged and pistol-whipped somewhere in Sandusky. When I asked him why he wore the jersey, he told me that he’d live down in Florida if he could figure out a way to make it happen, and understands why LeBron would do the same.  “[Eff] the haters,” he said.

I have a feeling more will develop from this story. And I’ll have further posts on it. But in the mean time, my people (White Sox fans) have all the ammunition we need for Indians fans who wish to talk smack to us.

(One quick side note- I heard random guys giving the  O-H…..I-O chant in the middle of this Indians-Yankees game, is this commonplace at the Jake? I didn’t know what to do in response,  except start signing the first couple lines of this song. Maybe it was because my friend Mike with me had a Northwestern shirt on representing his alma mater. Yes, I did shoot that video)

Paul M. Banks is President and CEO of The Sports , a Midwest focused webzine. He is also a regular contributor to Chicago Now, the Chicago Tribune’s blog network, Walter, the Washington Times Communities, Yardbarker Network, and Fox

You can follow him on Twitter @thesportsbank and @bigtenguru


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