Carlos Boozer Vasectomy Ad Will Haunt Your Dreams (Videos)


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Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz legend Carlos Boozer has bills to pay, just like the rest of us, and this is an “interesting” way to collect a paycheck. The last time I saw someone involved in Duke basketball get stripped of their potency this thoroughly, it was this past Saturday night.

Seriously, thank you North Carolina Tar Heels for completely ruining the Mike Krzyzewski ego-stroking reality show special, and shame on you ESPN, for providing the infomercial platform. In case you were wondering what Boozer is up to you these days, well it’s still ball-handling, but of a very different sort. Have a watch:

Yes, just in case your Tuesday morning didn’t include any thoughts about the testicles of Carlos Boozer, an Olympic Gold Medalist, NCAA Champion and NBA All-Star, well it does now.

In case you weren’t aware that vasectomies increase by 30% during March Madness, well you can thank SAXX Underwear for making us all more aware of that fact today. Tuesday saw the brand launch what they claim is the first-ever vasectomy registry.

So what is this VaSAXXtomy Registry?

In their words, it’s a new spin on a traditional gift registry, one that gives men a reason to celebrate their vasectomy.

carlos boozer

Honestly, getting to lay on the couch and watch/bet on basketball all day long for four days straight sounds like celebration enough to me. It’s very smart to sync up these two events.

After all, what do you get the man that has everything? (Including a 2008 All-NBA Third team award).

Boozer, 39, has an estimated net worth, supposedly, of $45 million, so he probably didn’t really need to do this advertising spot, which talked about his balls in extensive detail.


However, much respect to him for doing so, as

1. it takes a brave man to do a national commercial that focuses on his family jewels, and

2. more attention should be brought to vasectomies, and we should work on fighting against the stigma that surrounds the procedure.

This isn’t the Bronze Age, not everybody needs to have kids. And hats off to those who do their part to counter the overpopulation problem.

carlos boozer bulls

But I don’t think I need to think or write about the balls of Carlos Boozer again.

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