Jenn Brown Should be Bulls New Sideline Reporter



By Paul M. Banks

After witnessing the most exciting playoff series in NBA history last year, you know the one between the Bulls and Celtics, in which nearly every game had at least one overtime session, it was very reasonable to expect this year’s Bulls team would be extremely fun and exciting to watch. However, it hasn’t worked out that way: an 8-15 record, a Head Coach who’s little more than a dead man walking and a style of play with an entertainment level equal to…well, they were picked dead last in SB Nation’s NBA Watchability index, and I can’t think of a legitimate argument against that. There is a way to fix all this though; an it’s more than firing Vinny Del Negro.

The Bulls’ performance so far is good for last place in the Central yet only 2 games out of the final playoff spot because the Eastern Conference. So basically, aside from the top 4 teams, the conference is pretty much garbage and anything can happen. Even with Vinny at the helm the Bulls can still make the playoffs. And for what it’s worth, Tyrus Thomas comes back this week. But an easier and faster way to truly inject more life into Bulls broadcasts this season is to hire the next Erin Andrews Jenn Brown to be their sideline reporter. Nothing against any of the reporters currently doing Bulls broadcasts, but Brown seems to create a stir any time she appears on ESPNU. Jenn’s part in co-hosting the College Football Awards show a couple weeks ago inspired a huge buzz on Twitter, the search engines, pretty much anything social media (God, I hate that buzzword) for days after the show aired, so should would be a good fit to help boost the Bulls Q Rating.

Brown is a former bikini model (and given the state of journalism and media today I guess that gives her as much worthy journalistic credentials as anyone else at or near the top of the field today, Seriously the term “news-gathering skills” pretty much dead now ) and she also attended the same school (University of Florida) as the reigning Sideline Princess of all Sideline Princesses, Erin Andrews. Brown is also the first woman to ever get a job on “Inside the NFL”. But her role there was far from starring, it’s now Brown’s time be featured more up front; and with a team that is still one of the NBA’s top brands could be the place to go.

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