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No matter who you’re voting for this presidential election, you’re likely disgusted with the whole cycle and you just cannot wait for it to end. There’s still 11 days left unfortunately, but at least we have something else going on that’s big enough to knock the election off the home pages for a few days.

Yes, the Chicago Cubs in the World Series! Yes, I repeat, the Chicago Cubs hosted a World Series game!!! For the first time in 71 years; so that’s enough to take your mind off the election and have some fun for awhile.

AND FUN I HAD!!! Here’s my photo-intense, social media posting driven recap of attending the very first Cubs home World Series game since 1945.

Streets are closed off all around Wrigley Field, so be prepared for that tonight and tomorrow night if you’re going. Once you enter the “Green Zone” of sorts, bear in mind that you can’t really get from one side of the ballpark to the opposite side without it taking a very very long time. There are bottlenecks everywhere and you’re just better off not trying to navigate against the sea of humanity unless you really have to.

Also, we somehow discovered some crazy lucky entrance gate loophole that no else seemed to figure out.

2016 was the year when…… #worldseries #cubs #chicagogram #chicagocubs #chicago ?????????????????

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If you’re entering the gates around home plate, under the world famous marquee, approach from the northern side of Addison, not the southern. Also try to get in the side corner gate, not the main gate for your mandatory airline style screening.This will save you about 30-45 minutes coming in. I’m totally serious.

Also, don’t try any funny business, at any time, as this was the heaviest police presence I have ever seen at a sporting event. EVER!

I really mean that. From a security stand point, Wrigley Field is the place to be. You’re in very safe hands with Chicago’s finest.

Of course, if you’re a criminal, you could probably steal city hall tonight or tomorrow night because all the cops are in Wrigleyville.

This is the biggest World Series in a very long time. Game one was the most watched game one since 2004. Game two was the most watched game two since 2009. Game three was the most watched game three since 2004. Games one and two drew just under 18 million viewers apiece. Game three attracted just under 20 million.

No wonder outlets from all over the world came to cover it; including Korea and Panama.

With ratings this high, and interest this extreme, ticket prices are out of this world as well. Check out my video segment on Cubs World Series ticket prices for CCTV America at this link. The first reaction I’m getting from people about scoring World Series tickets is “I hate you.”

To I which I usually reply, yes you should. Then they ask how I got them. I then say “no comment.” Then most follow up with “how much did it cost?”

My response is always “next question?”

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Moving on, how could we not cover the 7th inning stretch guest conductor Bill Murray!

For a game this big, you needed a name this big and Murray suffices nicely. He was the number one trending term on Twitter all night last night, and it’s safe to say that he will now replace Jim Belushi and John Cusack as the de facto celebrity most quickly associated with Chicago.

THANK GOD! Although I didn’t really find Murray’s bit funny at all, I appreciate his effort, and he handled the gig exactly as one should.

The 7th inning stretch guest conductor routine should have been put out of its misery a very long time ago, but Murray definitely did the best he could with what he had to work with. The Daffy Duck bit, and reminding everyone that beer sales cutoff was coming…I think Murray himself was most concerned that he wanted another beer…..even though it was clear he had already had a few himself.

Even though the result was not what we wanted, it was still a night of a lifetime, so my brother-in-law Craig and I kept the party going into the late night in Wrigleyville postgame.

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