The Chicago Cubs are ready for the Cubs Way



Another lovely picture of Mrs. David DeJesus welcomes us to another installment of Cubs related fun. Andy Sonnastine ain’t in the sun no more, real baseball is about two weeks away, the Shark has finally earned his chance and Soriano is still fooling us all.

With that said, let’s get to what the Cubs and Fridays are all about.

Ramble on …

• Most of us have been literally saying it until we are cubbie-blue in the face, but with Opening Day approaching, it feels so great to have confidence in the rebuilt front office, and for those things that may happen over the next decade.

• Come on boys; let’s find a new home for Marlon. BJax needs to cut down on the K’s, but I think he is ready. And what I think, plain and simple, is all that matters.

• A while back I said that if I had to choose one position player who was a non-roster invitee to make the roster, I picked Amezaga.

• If McThoyer can unload DeWitt to Philly, I just may be right. ‘Zags has had an impressive spring.

• Yea, it’s cool, he told me I could call him ‘Zags. He and I are tight like that.

• I am also a legend in my own mind.

• Am I the only one being brainwashed by all of these Domino’s commercials during the tourney. I really want to try these “Parmesan Bread Bites” created by the “nobody store owner” in Ohio.

• Sorry for the tangent, but I just saw the commercial again. Those things look pretty delicious if you ask me.

• Sorry. FOCUS. Baseball. I would really like to see some of this spring power carry over into the real season.

• I don’t necessarily miss the Cubs team of yore that could only score from the long ball, but I do yearn for, you know, home runs and stuff occasionally.

• Will Travis Wood even make the Bigs coming out of camp? If Russell is a shoe-in, and another lefty definitely makes it, Scott Maine has to be the choice, right? Am I missing something?

• Wood needs to go get consistent, everyday help, and that is more likely to happen in Iowa.

• It appears the Cubs will have four or five righties in the pen, depending on the future of Randy Wells. So that leaves a spot for, at most, one lefty outside of Russell. No way it is Wood.

• I have been wrong before. Many times. Just ask any of the girls I have dated.

• Anyway, the game for this week is: Will Randy Wells be traded before the season starts … Yes or No. I say: Yes. Let’s chat about this below. Give us your thoughts.

• Less than TWO weeks until REAL baseball begins. It is a great feeling.

• It feels so good. Just so tasty when you really think about it all.

• There has been a lot going on in and around the Friendly Confines this winter. I am excited to see the new right-field bleacher section, and what the new mysterious, yet temporary-looking structure next to McDonalds is.

• While we are on the topic, for those who have not been able to visit Wrigley in the past ten years, do what you can do get to a game. You will not recognize Clark St. I have lived on the northside for 10 years, and the changes are truly amazing. The gentrification is really quite astounding.

• Congratulations, Joe Mather. You’ve earned it. I really don’t know much about you, but you did what any ballplayer hopes for. You went into Spring Training without much hope, busted your hump and produced. Well done.

So, with all that said, we are so very close to REAL baseball. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday, enjoy the madness if you are indulging, and have fantastic weekends.

And until next weekend …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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