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By Paul M. Banks

By this point, Ryno #23 truly needs no introduction. In this audio, you’ll hear him sound off on a myriad  topics including the changes in Wrigley Field since his playing days, meeting the president, Hall of Fame weekend, the infamous fight, his staus in Cubdom, what a big deal the game at Wrigley was and much more. If you can, check out “On the Road with Ryno” on Comcast Sports Net which profiles his life as a minor league manager. Its pretty good! But more importantly, you should listen to his pregame and postgame audio because the commentary and quotations of Ryne Sandberg the manager is a lot more interesting and intelligent than the banal cliches and mind-numbing blandness that you hear in interviews from MLB players everyday. 

Pregame Press Conference

[audio:http://thesportsbank.wpengine.com/audio/Ryne Sandberg pregame.mp3]


Postgame Press Conference

He mentions the note that he left Cubs manager Lou Piniella after using his office. I even took a picture of it to show you guys check it out.



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