Eamus Catuli: Sounds Very Sexual, but here’s the Actual Meaning



Eamus Catuli, the billboard on a Sheffield Avenue rooftop reads, along with the letters AC and then the numbers, well, in 2016, it got completely reset, for the first time ever, to all zeros. It had previously read 0871108.

To read that more clearly, it was 08-71-108, denoting eight years (at that point in time) since the last division title (2008), 71 since the most recent National League pennant (1945) and 108 since the most recent World Series title (108).  In 2016, it started all over, and this year, it’s just got an asterisk.


Well, this is a silly, ridiculous, hilariously abbreviated Major League Baseball season. However, it is still a season, and tonight is potential clinching night for the Cubs, as their magic number is now down to just one. This would be the night it goes to back to zero, in the first section, but with an asterisk this year, so much for that.

All die-hard Chicago Cubs fans know exactly what that sign and the corresponding numbers mean. If you’re not a Cubs hard core you could still figure out the symbolism of the numerical characters. This post isn’t for the devotees though; it’s for the entry level observers, the tourists and bandwagoneers.

After all, it’ll soon be playoff time now. The Cubs have two games left with the crosstown White Sox; the Stl. Cardinals two more against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Four games, four opportunities to clinch, and all that is needed is one Cardinals loss or Cubs win. So while the Cubs have already clinched a playoff berth, the next division title should be made official sometime Saturday, but Sunday at the latest.

Once the postseason is here, the baseball dilletantes will be out in full force, and most of them don’t know what Eamus Catuli means, so let’s get the edification on.

Eamus Catuli  is a Latin translation for “Let’s go Cubs.” So while it really sounds like something a bit sexual; or even more than a bit sexual, it’s actually a family friendly phrase. The letters “AC” stand for “Anno Catuli,” which again is Latin-based, meaning “In the Year of the Cubs.”

The signs are positioned on the left side of the upper facade of the Lakeview Baseball Club building, 3633 N. Sheffield Avenue.

For more check out the Eamus Catuli Wikipedia page.

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  1. Tom Dunmore says

    Eamus Catuli translates as “Let’s go Cubs” (actually welps) in Latin. Wouldn’t the phrase “Eamus Ursae Minoris” be better since it would be latin for Let’s Go Little Bears”?

  2. Brian J. Bancroft says

    Jake is an absolute Stud on the mound and his Pro-Trump and Anti-Hollywood Elite Election night tweet represented what millions of people felt like on that historic night. It’s his First Amendment Right to express himself and the liberal toads of “Crook County”, Illinois need to “Cowboy-Up” and stop whining like spoiled children who don’t get their way. Go Jake, Go Cubs!

  3. To Tom Dunmore: let’s keep it simple haha

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