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By Trenni Kusnierek and David K.

Trenni, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.  The Cubs lead in the NL Central has shrunk to one game since the Brewers won their first seven after the All-Star break (all on the road), while Chicago has been riddled with inconsistency.  What has impressed me the most about Milwaukee is how they have been able to win in the clutch; look no further than their four-game sweep in St. Louis. Three of the Crew’s wins came via home runs in their final at-bats, while Carsten Charles Sabathia took care of the Cards in the other victory throwing his third straight complete game as a Brewer.  Heck, even the bullpen has been solid for Milwaukee since the break.  So yes, I’m nervous.

The MLB schedule makers must love that the Cubs and Crew will tango ten times before October including a regular season finale at Miller Park.  In your opinion, just how important is this current series for both teams and who has more to win/lose?  It is obviously going to have an October, playoff-like feel to it and I’m sure the Brewers are anxious to further cement their status as a World Series contender by taking this series. 

–David K.

If you’re nervous, I’m in sick to my stomach, ulcer mode.  If there is one area I still think the Cubs trump the Brew Crew it’s in big game experience.  Although the Brewers made it a point to add experienced depth this off season and also via the CC Sabathia trade, they still lack a starting nine who have gone the distance.  I understand the Cubs haven’t won the big one in a century, but they have at least made runs at the trophy.  The Brewers, on the other hand, faded down the only stretch run they’ve had in a quarter century last season.  Knowing you can do it is a lot different then believing you can.

However, this Brewers team has the best shot of any since I was five years old.  Ryan Braun is as good (or better) than advertised and this group of guys seem to be relaxed, focused, and ready.  The four game road sweep over St. Louis was a huge milestone and confidence builder.  I may hate the Cubs, but I love this rivalry.  It’s David vs. Goliath.  Lucky for Brewers fans, David wins the battle.  I sure hope it happens that way because I’m tired of seeing Favre lead the news.



Well, my nerves have definitely subsided a little bit since the Cubs have done the seemingly impossible; beat CC and Sheets on back-to-back nights.  It was a relief to see Chicago put up a big inning without having to rely on the longball Tuesday night. And when Carlos Zambrano is on, he is filthy, nasty, and every other adjective to describe a pitcher who is dealing.

You bring up a good point about the Cubs’ experience factor, but I think the Brewers laid back attitude is also a huge advantage for them.  Talking to Mike Cameron and Ryan Braun in the locker room after Tuesday night’s loss, they certainly didn’t show any sign of panicking and they realize that there is still two months left in the season, including six games against the Cubs in the final week and a half of the season.  If you think this series has been intense, just wait until late September.  Then wait until mid-October when both teams will be alive in the post-season with a seven game series in the NLCS looming. (I predict)  It won’t matter where or what Brett Favre is doing at that point.

–David K.



Trenni with the lead singer of Reckless Kelly at Miller Park
While you’re nerves have subsided, mine are frayed!  I’m not sure if my inability to keep food down this week is due to the fact the Brewers play is making me queasy or if I have a case of the flu!  The nerves have got to the boys, but I don’t believe it is time to panic.  The Brewers clearly have talent and know how to win tough games (see four game road sweep of Cardinals), but man have they melted on the big stage so far!

The Cubs on the other hand have looked like the best team in the NL this week.  Patient hitters at the plate, lights out pitching, and a confident air have helped the North Siders to the 2-0 lead in the series.  But I agree with Big Dave, this is far from over.  Look at the calendar and it’s still July with six games remaining between these two teams after the present four game set.  The last series of the season will feature the Cubs and the Brewers and I still believe it will be a three gamer that sets up a post season match up for the ages.



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  1. paulmbanks says

    Game one was a classic, last night not so much!

  2. Sarah Spain says

    I humbly disagree, Banks. Last night was a classic Cubs beatdown. :)

  3. paulmbanks says

    Interesting how the first run for each team scored on a passed ball. I’m going to be in bleachers again on Friday…maybe you’re right? I am a secret Cubs fan!

  4. smellin a sweep….

  5. The Statue of Harold Baines says

    can you smell what the rock is cookin?

  6. Sarah Spain says

    I love Edmonds’ old balls.

    Home run balls, that is.

  7. paulmbanks says


  8. David K. says

    embarrassing, worked, owned… pick a phrase Brewers fans

  9. Rob Layton says

    CUBS will blow it in the playoffs against the Brewers. It will great to see CUBS fans crying in their beer..

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