Cody Bellinger Rookie Cards – 3 Best and Investment Outlook


Cody Bellinger is one of the best players in all of baseball and on top of that he plays in Los Angeles, one of the largest media markets in the entire world. Hence a Cody Bellinger rookie card has soared in value while he’s erupted into a superstar and has helped the Dodgers be one of the best teams in baseball during recent years.  

Bellinger had a verbal commitment to play college baseball at Oregon University but passed on it once he was drafted by the Dodgers in the fourth round of the 2013 MLB draft. Bellinger has smashed through the expectations that are typical for a fourth rounder.  

In 2017, baseball fans were focused on a hard-hitting rookie that was playing for a large-market team. However, that player wasn’t Cody Bellinger, it was Aaron Judge. Judge was blasting home runs while playing for the New York Yankees, but a less heralded Cody Bellinger would end up making similar headlines on the other side of the country 


Bellinger would end up winning NL Rookie of the Year while Judge won the AL award and now the two are the faces of the biggest franchises of the sport. Bellinger would have 39 home runs as a rookie but had a little sophomore slump with only 25 home runs in his second year.  

Nevertheless, his sophomore slump would not last as Bellinger would entrench his name among the true superstars of the game in the 2019 season when he crushed 47 home runs and 113 RBIs. These elite numbers really put Bellinger on the national scene on an even bigger level than he already was, and he has progressed amazingly for such a young player.  

His breakout season would earn him the NL MVP award as well as a Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger award. Bellinger became just the fifth Dodger to ever win a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger in the same season.  


At the young age of 25 Bellinger has won most of the different individual awards possible, and now all he needs are some team awards to fill out his collection. There have been lots of significant baseball cards made of Bellinger and therefore it can be hard for investors to know which ones to buy.  

We have broken down three options that should appeal to investors who wish to own some Bellinger cards in their collection. From his first card in 2015 to some of the more recent options, there are cards at each price point that are viable options.  

2017 Cody Bellinger Topps Chrome Auto #79 

This card comes from when Bellinger made his Major League debut in 2017. It shows Bellinger ready to field any balls that are about to come his way.  He is wearing the white Dodgers uniform and has a nice on-card autograph.  

Topps Chrome is a recognized set that carries strong brand value and thus this Bellinger card is sought-after by collectors everywhere. Combine that with the on-card autograph and investors should be collecting this card and waiting for Bellinger to continue his success on the field.  

2015 Cody Bellinger Bowman Chrome Prospects Auto  

This is the first significant card made of the hard-hitting outfielder and one that collectors everywhere are vying after. This is the only Bellinger card from 2015 and is considered a prospect card rather than a true rookie card.  

Still, the on-card autograph combined with the early nature of the card means that collectors will be vying for this card and the price should increase as Bellinger continues his career.  

2017 Cody Bellinger Topps Update #US50 

This card features Bellinger in the midst of a big swing but there are two other variations that were also produced which feature him in different poses. This may be the most recognized rookie card that was made of Bellinger and thus is a special one in collectors minds.  

Investors who believe in Bellinger should look to this card – or one of the more limited refractors – to cash in on Bellinger’s rise to stardom and becoming the international superstar that he can become in Los Angeles.  

Investment Outlook 

Any collectors can see that Bellinger will be a major part of the MLB’s future and will be building upon his first NL MVP that he won in 2019. Besides his individual successes, Bellinger has already been to two World Series, although the Dodgers came up short in both.  

However, Bellinger still has plenty of time left in his career to make many more deep post-season runs and it would be surprising to not see him back in the World Series. Los Angeles offers Bellinger a chance to be great as they have the large budget to put the pieces around him to win as well as offer the media coverage that can help him transcend baseball.  


In 2017, the Dodgers lost to the Houston Astros who have now had their sign-stealing scheme exposed. Bellinger has been outspoken against the Astros actions and has called their apologies “weak”. If the Dodgers get another chance to play the Astros expect tensions to be high and the game to be heated. 

Bellinger is the present as well as the future of baseball. He can hit monster home runs and plays in one of the largest markets in the world and investors who own one of the three cards outlined above should be very happy as they watch him continue to succeed.

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