Casting the Film “Major League” with Today’s Cleveland Indians


I love it when I see a post that I thought about writing a million times, but never had the time to execute come to realization. And it really takes a Cleveland Indians die-hard to truly do justice to the “Major League” re-cast with real players post. The current state of the Indians, and their place in the MLB hierarchy makes today the perfect time.

Wahoo, a prominent Indians blog has done it! Complete with the requisite videos. Check it out

Here’s an excerpt from the post, I co-sign everything said below:

The thing that makes Major League a timeless classic is its ability to parallel the real Major Leagues. When Oakland Athletics GM Billy Beane went before MLB’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Baseball Economics in 2000 to explain how he ran a successful team on a shoestring budget (as famously chronicled in Moneyball) he said, “Our situation closely resembles the movie.” You could be forgiven for thinking slugging first baseman Clu Haywood was based on Jason Giambi, even though Giambino didn’t make his MLB debut until six years after the movie’s release. And the real Indians followed their fictional counterparts’ example by winning a string of division championships in the late 1990?s.

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