Baseball Rules Explained – What You Need to  Know


Just like any other sports Baseball is a thrilling game that dates as far as 1744. The game has its own culture and rules that make it more popular and phenomenal. What is unique about this game is that It is only dominated in America and particularly in North America.

The game is also played in other countries such as Japan and Canada. And the good part is that the rules of the game are all the same in all the said countries.

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The objective of the Game

One might think that baseball and cricket are one and the same thing since all the game uses a bat to come up with the highest score. But the objectives of the two games are very different. Just like real money slots and blackjack are different.  In baseball, the idea is to smash the ball thrown at you as far as you can before you start running around four bases before you are tagged out.

The Players and Equipment

The game of baseball is played with two teams with nine players each. The game only lasts for 9 innings, therefore, the scores at the end of the innings are the added to a cumulative score. The field of this game can be split into two sections. The sections include the infield and the outfield. What separates the infield and the outfield is the diamond square that has four bases spaced at 90 feet apart from each other.

Moreover, at the centre of the infield, there is the pitching mound whereby the pitcher will stand and throws the ball towards the batter. And from that moment the action and the excitement of the game begins. Baseball is popular in America, that’s why there are also best online pokies sports-themed casino, Playstation and Xbox games.


Baseball Scoring

Just like any other sport, the aim is to score and win the game and in baseball, it is just likewise. The only way a batter can score in baseball is to hit the ball with a bat into a designated field and around 4 bases before the fielder gets the ball and throw it into the base the batter is running into.

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