WWJWD: What Would Juice Williams Do?



By Paul M. Banks

“What Would Juice Do?” is a weekly report on what University of Illinois QB Juice Williams did that given week. Why? Think about what my favorite word is…and then realize the favorite team of my alma mater, in my favorite sport and the first team that I ever covered as a journalist just happens to have a star player with that exact word as his nickname/first name. And he plays the most high profile position of all team sports! Indeed all the planets have aligned!

-Williams threw for 310 yards and two touchdowns, ran for 121 yards and another two scores, but most importantly this time NO TURNOVERS leading Illinois to a 45-20 win over the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday. The quarterback’s 431 yards of total offense were the most any player has had at Michigan Stadium and it matched an opponent record against the Wolverines.

-The Illini set a school record for points against Michigan, surpassing the 39 points Red Grange helped them score in 1924 as Memorial Stadium was dedicated, and the I-L-L scored the most any team has at the Big House since Florida State had 51 in 1991. I guess those spoiled and condescending Michigan fans will be pretty quiet and reserved this time around?

-Juice’s 77 yard TD pass to Jeff Cumberland was the longest by an Illini quarterback since Jack Trudeau in 1985.

-He, along with his infant daughter LaChez Williams also stole the show during this week’s episode of Big Ten Network’s “Illinois Football: The Journey.” New episodes air every Tuesday at 8:30PM.



  1. Big Ten is gonna be an interesting race… minus Wisconsin sucking it up…

  2. paulmbanks says

    Rivals said on Mon that ILL is the 2nd best team in the B10..I’m not sure I’m sold on that idea.

  3. paulmbanks says

    People seem to be drinking the purple kool-aid here in Chicago. I said in my Facebook status update that Northwestern would go 13-0 and win the natl title game (half-jokingly of course). A few people commented affirmatively

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