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derrick williams arizona

As the collegiate basketball season comes to a conclusion this evening, there is still hardware to be handed out that isn’t related to the National Championship. There’s the All-Americans, the Cousy Award, the Wooden Award and plenty of others, however here at The Sports Bank we like to honor players in a different manner.

By Peter Christian and David Kay

DJO for Three!

We don’t necessarily only give nods to the best players in the game, but instead we offer hat tips to the players that we most enjoy rooting for. They don’t have to be players from the teams we like best or that we hold allegiance to, but must only be a player we ensure we tune in to see.

Handing out the awards this year are TSB college hoops expert David Kay and TSB Sr. Contributor Peter Christian.

Also, Peter and David hand out their Anti My Boy teams. As you can guess, that team is reserved for the players that cause the bile to build in the back of our throats in spite and even possibly rage. In short, we hate these guys as soon as they step on the basketball court.


Jimmy Butler, Marquette

It is sad that I do not really have a true “my boy” on my team.  Vander Blue was the guy heading into the year but massively struggled during Big East play.  That is where Butler came in to take the spot.

Derrick Williams, Arizona

I realize this sounds like a bandwagon pick but Zona is my second favorite team and I have been high on Williams since his freshman season.  Dude is an all-around beast and has thrown down some of the best dunks I have seen this season.

C.J. Fair, Syracuse

He was a contributor off the Cuse bench and just remember that I have whored him all season and think he is going to be a stud one day.  Fair sort of reminds of Corey Brewer (which is a slap in the face but I mean from Brewer’s days at Florida.

Kendall Marshall, North Carolina

I like Marshall because he an old school point guard who is more interested in distributing than scoring 20-plus per night.  He is especially a treat to watch in UNC’s up-tempo offense.

Jordan Hamilton, Texas

I think he is one of the better all-around scorers in the country and will be a solid player in the NBA.  He cut down on his chucking-ness this season which always gains points with me.

Kemba Walker


Kemba Walker, UConn

I love watching Kemba play. He’s super dynamic and has the flare for the big time. He was a bubble guy to make the “My Boy” team after a rough Big East regular season, but his ability to own the court during the Big East Tournament and then the NCAA Tournament launched him to the top of the list.

Darius Johnson-Odom, Marquette

DJO was a carry over from last season for me. His athleticism and shooting prowess are extremely fascinating when he’s on. Sure, he can kill an offense during a cold streak but when he’s on, look out. No, really, look out, he’s probably going to do that hand goggle eyes thing with the three fingers extended so his peripheral vision might be limited and he could run right into you.

Corey Joseph, Texas

Joseph initially caught my eye as a high schooler when he was considering Minnesota and Villanova as programs he would join. Then he chose Texas and I was a little bitter. However, that bitterness faded fast as soon as I watched him play for the Longhorns. He’s a talented point guard, he’s got decent size and he’s got a great future ahead of him. I’m buying Corey Joseph early.

Isaiah Thomas, Washington

If it wasn’t obvious, I love guard play. Guards that can take over games make me swoon. If that guard is also the shortest person in the building, I’m head over heels. That’s the case with Isaiah (who’s name is actually spelled correctly).

Corey Stokes/Corey Fisher, Villanova

These Coreys made the phrase “The Coreys” cool again for the first time since 1988. I hope that neither Fisher or Stokes fizzle out like Haim or Feldman (I guess you could argue “too late” considering how ‘Nova ended the season) but these guys were such a blast to watch when they were raining threes and hitting pull up jumpers.

mason plumlee duke


Mason Plumlee, Duke

He killed Marquette this season when the two teams met and of course it was his best game of the season.  I am by no means an anti-Duke guy but the site of Plumlee makes me ill and I not so secretly hope he falls down, breaks his hip, and catches pneumonia.

Mike Marra, Louisville

He sort of looks like Milo from 24, only one hundred times white trashier.  I want to violently vomit every time I see him play.

Matt Howard, Butler

OVER HIM!  I just wish the rest of the country was as well.

John Henson/Tyler Zeller, North Carolina

After UNC’s thumping of Marquette in the Sweet 16 and the Henson/Zeller combo being a huge reason why, I will never be able to look at these two the same again.  Henson especially irks me with his stupid Stretch Armstrong arms.

Durrell Summers, Michigan State

Because of a former co-worker who I am not at all a fan of, I find it difficult to like anyone on Michigan State.  For some reason, Summers received my wrath this season and I loved seeing him suck this year and therefore kill his NBA Draft stock.


Reeves Nelson, UCLA

I love UCLA basketball but I really can’t stand Reeves Nelson (“The Serial Killer” as certain members of TSB refer to him). He never looks like he has fun, he mopes around the court and really, looks like he could snap at any time and take the entire Pauly Pavilion hostage.

Kyle Singler, Duke

He’s a great basketball player, however, he looks like a 6’10” Gollum. It’s not like I hate ugly basketball players (Alex Tyus wasn’t even considered for this team) but I really dislike Singler. He’s just a a little soft for my liking.

John Shurna, Northwestern

This spot was reserved for Kevin Coble, but he quit the team for reasons that aren’t quite clear, so I replaced him with his former teammate. Northwestern basketball players irk me for some reason. Maybe it’s because they seem smug even when they are getting destroyed?

Chandler Parsons, Florida

I watched exactly zero Florida games prior to the NCAA Tournament. Upon seeing the Gators in the tourney I was wildly unimpressed the SEC Player of the Year in Chandler Parsons. He didn’t even appear to be the 2nd best player on his team, let alone the best in his conference. Oh and he disappears for large stretches of games. I don’t get it.

Mike Tisdale, Illinois

I know all 5 members of my Anti My Boy team are white boys but its not necessarily by design. Tisdale drove me crazy because he should have been better than he was. For a 7 footer he was remarkably short. He always seemed hunched over and never seemed to get his hands dirty. He was out rebounded by someone on his own team that he had four inches on and like Parsons, had a tendency to check out of games.

There you have it, the first annual (well not really, but first time to be published) “My Boy” and “Anti-My Boy” teams. Feel free to include your teams in the comments below.


  1. paulmbanks says

    The only Northwestern players that act smug while being destroyed by 30 points is Luka Mirkovic- he’s made like 5-6 showboat gestures to the crowd…even though he’s by far the worst of his team’s starting five.

    And I HATED Tisdale! Hated him. the tallest shooting guard in history. soph year, when both were starters, he was outrebounded for THE SEASON by 6-1 point guard Chester Frazier

  2. paulmbanks says


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