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Greetings college football fans! Well, it’s week two of the college football season and since our live blog went so swimmingly last week, we thought we’d come back and do it all over again.

I’m your host, H. Jose Bosch and I, along with a host of TSB writers will take you on a magical journey throughout the Big Ten and the rest of the nation throughout the day. There may be some more Arby’s jokes, Paul Schmidt might break all rules of journalistic integrity and pound Ron Zook’s face in when Illinois inevitably has another disappointing weekend and David Kay will once again risk his life covering a swine flu-infested football team.

Who knows what kind of wacky mayhem will happen!

So sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. Questions, comments or concerns may be addressed in the comments section, where we encourage you to add your input on any game you’re watching. Bonus points for finding/highlighting embarrassing moments. If you can provide a picture, even better. This thread will be for the noon games and we’ll have a second thread for the 3:30 games and beyond.

Oh and yes, Charlie Weis is fat. Go Blue!

Now that the EPL is over on ESPN 2, I’m pumped for a day of college football! Here are the 11 a.m. (we’re on central time) games:

11 AM Syracuse/Penn State (BTN)
11AM Eastern Michigan/Northwestern (BTN)
11 AM Central Michigan/Michigan State (BTN)
11 AM Fresno State/Wisconsin (ESPN)
11:05 AM Iowa/Iowa State (not exactly sure which channel)

Again, if you’re watching any of these games, please feel free to comment below with your observations. You can also @reply me at HJBosch21 on Twitter.

And the College Gameday crew just took Notre Dame over Michigan. Wimps.

And wow, with Kirk Herbstreit’s kids on the set, Lee Corso picks the Trojans. Nice.

Central Michigan at Michigan State
The Spartans just had six points taken off the board after a review but they run it in on the first play from the half-yard line. Two minutes, 7-0 Michigan State.

I think it’s going to be a long day for the Chippewas.

Our first classic tweet of the day comes from David Kay, who is out at Camp Randall today:
Like milk to ron burgundy a navy blue polo was a bad choice for me

He also thinks Prince Moody is the best name on the Badgers. But that’s a pretty weak best name if you ask me. You want an awesome name? Ohene Opong-Owusu, offensive lineman for the Wolverines. THAT’s an awesome name.

Fresno State at Wisconsin
Is David Kay somehow screaming for help?
Fresno Stae (sic) loves the bubble screen more than I do which is saying something cuz I LOVE the bubble screen

I hope he also loves deficits because the Badgers now trail 7-0 to Fresno State.

From Mr. Kay: That TD drive for Fresno St was far too easy

I think it’s time for sad badger face.

Northwestern 7, Eastern Michigan 0 nearing end of 1st qtr.

Well, I’m finally here. computer was being a little bitch and acting up. EMU are you ready to rock. In the words of comedian Dave Attell

“that’s what I like about rock, they prepare you. Are you ready to rock? Yes, I have a doobie in my mouth, a beer in my hand, I’m in a sleeveless shirt, my girlfriend is on my shoulders. No one says, are you ready to country? Yeah, my dog’s dead, my wife left me, I’m wasted and I’m in a pick-up truck with a shotgun to my head”

Love that bit. And I bring it up because last week, there was some complaints here about the boo-yah network using country music to promote the game of college football. That it wasn’t riveting enough to get pumped up to watch football. Rock (and I guess and/or roll) does the job. True the Northwestern band is playing Green Day’s “Holiday” right now. I love that rendition, good song! Anyways….

…back to why ESPN uses Kenny Chesney to promote their games and Big and Rich do the College Gameday preview show- IT’S MARKETING. With the exception of NASCAR, no sport is more Red-State than college football. It’s a perfect synergy for the majority of their audience.

Both NASCAR and College football are controlled by an old-money elite class, but has plenty of rednecks and hillbillies in their fanbase…there I figured I’d offend some people with my first entry. -PMB-

Steph Simmons on the carry “shorty where you been” Or then I’m thinking Arby Fields man “show me what you got shorty.”

Central Michigan at Michigan State (10-3, Spartans, 2:14 left in the first quarter)

So my assumption that this would be a long day for Central was a bit premature. The Chippewas are currently driving down the field and have moved the ball well most of the day. They just need to man up in the red zone if they want a chance to win.

As for another Big Ten game we’re keeping an eye on, Penn State just took a 7-0 lead over Syracuse. The Orange didn’t attempt a pass in the fourth quarter. Um, how’s Greg Paulus working out for you now?

Iowa at Iowa State (3-0 Iowa State, 2:23 left in 1st quarter)
This game hasn’t been entertaining (I thought this was the Hawkeyes’ year?). What has been entertaining was the sideline reporter’s report on the first-come, first-serve student seating. While a video of him racing students to the front row was cute, the best part about the video was watching the drunk Iowa State students falling down the steps one-by-one. Classic.

Northwestern 14, Eastern Michigan 0

Steph Simmons runs up the gut and NU takes a bigger lead. Great blocking by the OL on that series. I feel sorry for Offensive linemen sometimes. It’s like being a cymbal player in the band. No one gives you credit that much when you distinguish yourself.

They can tell when you screw up of course, but seriously what does it take to be a great cymbals player? And name one famous cymbalist artist?

Did I mention today is Orland Park day here at Ryan Field? Dave K. did you know that Orland Park residents get in for half price in a special section of the stadium?

It’s also Pat Fitzgerald Day in O.P. (We called Orland Park police..O.P.P. by the way) the mayor is here and made an official proclamation. I saw in the elevator. It is not made of parchment scrolls though.


NU 21, EMU 0

Big time INT return for TD by LB Ben Johnson..this is starting to open up now. Wildcats D swarming to the ball. Cue the roar. RAR RAR RAR…Did I mention I once made a NU girl do the Wildcat roar? Does that phrase sound sexual?

Doesn’t everything I say have a double entendre? EMU is going E-M-O because they’re going to be really depressed once this game is over.

I just wanted to let you guys know that yesterday, according to the stats, the phrase “Erin Andrews butt squeeze” being entered into Google directed 2 page views to the site.


watch me just increase the hit count exponentially of this blog by including this next pic


It’s 21-3 NU over EMU at the half. and the spread is 20, so it’s within range so far.

Central Michigan at Michigan State (17-13, Michigan State at the half)
Oh hey Central Michigan. You’re making this a game. The play of the game so far was a flea flicker by the Chippewas that was reminiscent of Eric Crouch and Nebraska at the end of the 2001 season. That set up a score to make it 13-10 Central, but the Spartans came roaring back to take the lead into the half.

Iowa at Iowa State (14-3, Iowa, 1:47 left in the first half)
I think the Hawkeyes have finally realized they’re a Big Ten team playing a mediocre Big 12 team. I think Iowa will take control in the second half. Best moment of the game: video of drunk Iowa State students rushing to get to the front row of the student section. I saw at least three guys fall down a few stairs on their way down. Anyway, that story gives me an excuse to put this picture up.
Yeah, that’s good old fashioned midwestern good looks.

And really Wisconsin? Trailing 21-17 at home to Fresno State? Weak.

The total yardage in NU-EMU is alarmingly close. We may have a game after all. Eastern Michigan is in the red zone now. Just scored on a 4th and 1 at the goal line. 21-10 now 4:33 in the 3rd. Cats must answer
By the way if you’re a big college football fan, be sure to check out our list of favorite and least favorite college fight songs


Love those ISU chicas, where did you find them? today is also “heroes day” with a lot of military personnel being honored at Ryan Field. lots of militarism and jingoism on display these couple days. being it 9/11 yesterday and all.

21-10 NU, end of 3rd. what is up with MSU and Wisconsin, being in tight games?? step it up

I think Michigan State and Wisconsin are trying to set the tone for the Buckeyes tonight in terms of embarrassing the country on national television.

But good news for the conference, Iowa and Penn State are taking care of business. Michigan should do the same in the afternoon. Not that I’m biased. …….. Go Blue!

The Chippewas continue to shoot themselves in the foot with stupid penalties. An unsportsmanlike penalty by a backup offensive lineman? Really? Now they have to start from their own 12-yard line. Unfortunately there is no sad Chippewas face.

NU lead slipping away…big turnover on a punt return, set up Eastern Mich, then they blew a wide open coverage. EM had td pass where no one in the secodary was home.

they really miss their best DB, sherrick mcmannis today, corners have been awful. Big 3rd and 16 here, with 7 pt lead. 7 min to go.

Kafka hit as he throws…and picked in the red zone…trouble brewing now. EMU running all over the Northwestern defense. we could be headed to overtime.

And NU-EMU is tied. with 2:40 to go, I have a feeling this will not be a very happy post-game press conference.

DIRECTIONAL MICHIGAN is giving the big ten problems, central michigan, eastern michigan, and western michigan are all giving NU, MSU, and Indiana all they can handle. one posession games in the final minutes all around. good thing. there’s no northern michigan and southern michigan to ad to the stress and strife.

NU survives on 49 yard field goal by stefan demos with 6 sec left.
eastern mich qb hail mary intercepted as time expires. northwestern players run over to sing fight song with student section in the corner…this is wrapped, we know you send over to the second live blog post we’re doing today, for the afternoon and night games. see you at the top of the home page,,HJB take it away

Central Michigan might become my new favorite non Michigan football team if they can win today.

I loved the decision to go for two, even though the Chippewas missed it. The football gods shined down on them when they recovered that onside kick. Now it comes down to a big field goal here.

OFFSIDE!!!! WHAT?!?! THEY GET ANOTHER CHANCE?! OK, another chance. Go.




  1. I can’t stand country music and it always amazes me how anyone can get pumped up by it.

  2. I went to my 1st country music concert, last weekend. I drank A LOT. I know Jason Aldene has the #1 country single “Big Green Tractor” in the nation right now, but it’s not exactly my fav genre

  3. garth brooks drinking songs “2 pina coladas” “friends in low places” that’s the type of country I like. anything featuring or covered by jimmy buffett works too.

  4. And of course, “all my exes live in texas” as was featured in the greatest college footbal movie of all time “neccessary roughness”

  5. *shutters*

  6. Zach Brown TD and the dude in front of me caught a ridonkulous extra point ball. then officials reposessed it. so wrong.

  7. That is lame. That was the one redeeming quality of the AFL. You got to keep the footballs. Come on, this is Div. 1-A football, not pee wee. Let him keep it!

  8. ridonkulous…haven’t heard that word in a while. play on player

  9. Beilema should feel shame now that the Badgers are losing by 14 to Fresno St.

  10. I just wanted to let you guys know that yesterday, according to the stats, the phrase “Erin Andrews butt squeeze” being entered into Google directed 2 page views to the site.

  11. H. Jose Bosch says

    I don’t even want to know where those views came from.

  12. Central Michigan makes it a game and the Michigan State roars right back to take the lead 17-13. This might actually be an exciting game in the end.

  13. I like sad badger face more than Erin Andrews interviews Zoooook.

  14. AWWWWWW look at how cute sad badger face is…

  15. Paul Schmidt says

    WAIT…I was assured that EMU was going to stink out the joint against Northwestern, DAMMIT.

    And I’m thinking that a game Fresno State squad doesn’t bode well later in the season for Illinois, either.

  16. Paul Schmidt says

    In a related story my picks are a-strugglin again this week…UNC is laying an egg in Storrs.

  17. Paul Schmidt says

    Ugh. UNC takes the lead against UConn with 1:30 left…unfortunately it was via a safety and they’re up 12-10. UNC -5 may be dying a slow death.

  18. Paul Schmidt says

    My Chippewas are coming through!!!

  19. Paul Schmidt says

    0-2 so far, but I think I’ve clinched the CMU win with their late TD!

  20. Did we mention that Charlie Wweiss is fat by the way? just in case you didnt know that, did we tell you that Mr. Weiss is indeed very overweight..

  21. Yes, you’re not very high on State this I see why

  22. Wow did Sparty lay an egg

  23. Apologies about the tweets stopping… I have no idea why I get full reception at the Camp, but it won’t let me send a text to update my tweets… people are missing out on some golden thoughts…

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