Illinois, Northwestern Fun FlipShare Videos


By Paul M. Banks

My Flipshare camera is my favorite toy these days. And during the Big 10 basketball season a lot of interesting things that I just have to share to occur while I’m covering the Illini and the Wildcats. In other words, technology makes my job so much easier and fun. And no, I did not steal this bit from ESPN’s Andy Katz.

Before every Illinois home game they show this totally kick-ass Bruce Weber video where it looks like he’s caught in “The Matrix”. It’s entertaining sueprcomputing at the highest level. But what’s up with his terrible bandwidth? And why does the loading progress stay the same and actually go down? Does he have a 28K modem or something?

They actually brought the Weber matrix thing to the United Center game vs. Gonzaga. After they showed it, the Illini did their version of the Bulls’ pregame introductions; lights and all.

The opening sequence at Welsh-Ryan is substantially more low-tech. But still a lot of fun and with a ton of energy.

Speaking of fun and energy, here’s the NU fans the student section known as the “Wild Side” storming the court after they beat a top ten ranked Purdue team. The first they beat a team ranked that since the year after I was born.


  1. I have a lot of fond memories from NIU basketball games. First time I saw and fell in love with B.Web.

    Good times.

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