Groin Kicks. Juvenile Insults. Illinois-Northwestern Rivalry Gets Low Brow


The video that follows after the jump makes me anything but proud to be an Illinois alum.

Illini linebacker Jonathan Brown has had his issues within the program. He’s found himself benched when he’s failed to meet his commitments and expectations, but this is only going to further tarnish his reputation.

He kneed Northwestern offensive lineman Patrick Ward in the groin in the first half on Saturday.

Brown wasn’t ejected from the game, which he most certainly should’ve been, but a personal foul was called. A personal foul doesn’t accurately fit this crime, in my opinion. Watch how blatant and calculated this is! He needs to be suspended for this.

Illini Coach Ron Zook said he’d deal with it.

And staying in the low brow vein, you need to hear about the trash talk Illini QB Nathan Scheelhaase said he heard in the pile on Saturday. He told the media that he heard one player call an opposing player a “stupid fart.” He didn’t specify who, as he was unsure, but what kind of trash talk is this? It sounds like something Eric Cartman would say to Kyle on South Park.

But at least they kept in clean. The whole “Chicago’s Big Ten Team” dispute made this edition of the Land of Lincoln Rivalry a lot chippier than usual. And now with these below the belt (both literally and figuratively) elements factoring in, it appears this rivalry is going to get even more raw.

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