Erin Andrews Invitational 2010! Illinois-#15 Purdue Live Blog!


By Paul M. Banks and Paul Schmidt

Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen, Erin Andrews is in the house. She’s wearing shiny green and is still hot.  She’s a Dazzler, baby!

The Krush is HYPED. This should be a good one, because it’s as close to a must win for the Boilermakers as you can get. 

Live basketball action, coming up next!

Purdue 4, Illinois 2 18:51 left 1H: Wow, the basketball gets wedged between the backboard and the shot clock.  THAT’s one I’ve never seen before…

Jajuan Johnson flushes one!  Nice thunderdunk for my only non-Illinois man-crush. You know, he could be a 5 in the NBA.  I’m just saying. (PS)

Illinois 10, Purdue 10, 16:00 lt 1H: Both teams are content to run early and that’s probably good for the Illini? Hard to say.  They can out-athlete the Boilers, I know that. But can they stay in enough control to do it?

Wild drive by Brandon Paul a minute or so of game ago illustrates this perfectly. He flew down the lane with wreckless abandon as he usually does, and shot a runner….but hit it.  Which is not so much the typical result…(PS)

Illinois 14, Purdue 10 13:33 left 1H: BRANDON PAUL!  FOR!  THREEEEEE!  Those are some great words to hear!  He’s been so cold the last few games he got benched, so hopefully this acts as a little bit of a confidence builder for Paul.

This place is deafening on made Illini shots right now. (PS)

Illinois 16, Purdue 10 11:42 left 1H: Dominique Keller hits the shot over Jajuan Johnson….to quote Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg on that SNL Digital Short…’And I jizz…in…mah pants!’

Illinois has a ton of energy early here, and they are riding the crowd’s wave of emotion.  If this crowd showed up every game here at Ass. Hall, Illinois would never lose here. (PS)

Illinois 16, Purdue 14 8:45 left 1H: And all the emotion that the Illini had, and the momentum is gone….(PS)

Illinois 18, Purdue 14 8:23 left 1H: AND IT’S BACK! McCamey slams down a put-back off of a D.J. Richardson miss, showing skills I didn’t know he had!

Jajuan Johnson just mugged Tyler Griffey and there was no call…my man crush may be waning…(PS)

Illinois 20, Purdue 14, 7:15 left 1H: Nice move inside by McCamey!  He’s doing a great job down low against the, apparently, weaker Purdue guards. I thought Keaton Grant was stronger than that.

Brandon Paul has two HUGE rebounds over all the centers down low, showing great instinct and hops. A sentence I never thought I’d write right there…(PS)

Illinois 22, Purdue 14, 5:37 left 1H: Mike Davis with a thunder dunk of his own!  It’s what you’d call a high percentage shot, a tough one to miss. Even for a guy really struggling on the offensive end like he is…(PS)

Illinois 26, Purdue 20, 3:38 left 1H: Consistent, solid, basic on offense.  Back cuts and screens are getting the Illini some great looks, and that’s been key.

Their defense has left a little to be desired as usual, but Purdue is very….very cold from the field, and that’s made things a little bit easier to digest. The problem is there is no way that they continue to shoot so poorly all game. (PS)

Illinois 26, Purdue  22, 2:43 left 1H: Oh mah goodness! Jajuan Johnson on an alley-oop!  Oh dear me! (PS)

Illinois 28, Purdue 22, 1:51 let 1H: Even if Mike Davis isn’t scoring, he’s still hitting the boards hard.  Given that Illinois literally no one else that can do that well, that’s a very good thing.

Also, Demetri McCamey is driving, and could NOT give a crap. He’s playing like a man on the national stage tonight. (PS)

Illinois 28, Purdue 26, :40.0 left 1H: LOOOOOOOONG delay here, and no one seems to know what’s going on.  On the plus side, Erin Andrews is riiiiiight in front of me.

Now right behind me.  And she says it’s an administrative technical foul, that a player is not in the book.  Like Erin said, “How does that happen?”  I don’t know Erin, I don’t know….(PS)

Illinois 32, Purdue 28, HALFTIME: Wow.  I didn’t need to be worried!  The Illini look grrrrrreat! The tech was a dire situation for the Boilers, and added 4 total points to the Illini total, allowing them to take a 4 point lead into the half.

Brandon Paul ALMOST….ALMOST hit a two-third court shot to end the first half, but was just right.

Also interestingly, the Illini seemed to dominate on the glass, but only hold a 2 rebound advantage, 23-21. Surprising. (PS)

Purdue 39, Illinois 34, 17:00 left 2H: And Illinois didn’t come out for the second half.  Wow.  Just a complete turnaround here, and the air has been sucked out of the building in Champaign. (PS)

Purdue 43, Illinois 36, 14:11 left 2H: Oh man, this really didn’t go well coming out of the second half gate. A 15-4 run.  Eep.

I don’t really know what else to say, honestly.  I’m shocked, Ass. Hall is shocked…this place is not loud right now. (PS)

Purdue 45, Illinois 39, 12:50 left 2H: Illinois hitting some free throws, and everyone is waking up a little. The horn here keeps going off, and I swear it isn’t me. I promise! (PS)

Purdue 46, Illinois 39, 12:30 left 2H: Mike Tisdale gets his fourth foul on…well, on what I think was the Frankenstein pose.  I’m not sure.  It’s what the official did to him after yelling at him. 

And yes, that all just happened….(PS)

Purdue 48, Illinois 39, 11:48 left 2H: The crowd is getting REALLY testy. The officials are even getting irritated with everyone.  I’m not sure what the problem is. (PS)

Purdue 51, Illinois 41, 10:34 left 2H: So…Mike Davis has 8 of the 11 Illini points in the second half.  Cold, cold Mike Davis.  And no, I’m not saying this is a good thing…(PS)

Purdue 53, Illinois 46, 9:12 left 2H: Some strong minutes from Tyler Griffey here in the second half in relief of Mike Tisdale, who seems to never show up in games that matter. But I’ve been finding myself paying Tyler Griffey that comment quite often.  Put some weight on that kid and he’ll be able to play in this conference. (PS)

Purdue 55, Illinois 51, 8:14 left 2H: BIG BIG swing there, McCamey drive-and-dish to DJ Richardson for three, then a hold and fast break, Billy Cole to Mike Davis down low, and the crowd is BACK at the Ass. Hall. (PS)

Purdue 57, Illinois 51, 7:25 left 2H: These officials are GOING to T someone up here before the end of the game. The little, short, skinny douchenozzle especially…every time he calls a foul he glares at whoever he whistles it on, waiting for them to say something.  He really looks unhappy to be here.  If that’s true, why do it?  You get paid good money, sure, but why bother?? (PS)

Purdue 66, Illinois 60, 5:58 left 2H: I’d like to reiterate that, in the first half, I said that Illinois was defending terribly still, but Purdue was cold, so it didn’t matter at that point.  I also said they wouldn’t stay that cold all game.

Well…there ya go.  I’m right once in a while.  And if you keep giving them wide-open looks on the perimeter, they are going to keep making them.  And if you keep giving their guards the lane to drive, they are going to go And-one a LOT. (PS)

Purdue 68, Illinois 63, 4:40 left 2H: Just two HUGE threes from DJ Richardson in the second half, and both times Illinois couldn’t be bothered to defend Jajuan Johnson on the other end of the court, and he hit a shot.  I’m no longer in love…(PS)

Purdue 75, Illinois 63, 2:20 left 2H: This one’s over CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP….(PS)

Purdue 75, Illinois 66, 1:29 left 2H: Illinois taking their time bringing the ball up, looking for that good shot.  Which is what you want to do, you know, when down 12 with 90 seconds left.  Or something like that…(PS)

Purdue 77, Illinois 69, 1:15 left 2H: Well…it’s not necessarily over yet…(PS)

Purdue 77 Illinois 72, :47.5 left 2H: Three threes for DJ Richardson in 42 seconds…and it is a 5 point game. This is getting interesting if you wagered, because the line was between 3 and 4.5 in Purdue’s favor…(PS)

Purdue 77, Illinois 73, :40.8 left 2H: Oh John Hart, you’ve been a pleasure tonight.  Two missed free throws and a TERRIBLE foul by Purdue puts McCamey at the line where he he only makes one.  TERRIBLE effort by Cames at the line tonight. He’s not played like a leader. (PS)

Purdue 81, Illinois 78, :18.3 left 2H:What the hell is happening???  Everyone is raining threes suddenly for Illinois!  They are in a one possession game!  They currently are covering or pushing on all wagers!  How did we get here??? (PS)

Purdue 83, Illinois 78, :2.9 left 2H: Ballgame. Drive home safely. I’ll be back with post-game quotes from the presser. (PS)

Jumping in quickly to add that McCamey said that he was pretty sure that this was John Hart’s first action during the Big Ten season.  This was game 6.  Awesome.

Matt Painter thinks John Hart played harder than his other guys.  Yeah, that’s probably it.  He had an edge to him from not playing.  Mmmhhmmm.  Or he got luckier than he ever has before.  One of the two…

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  1. paulmbanks says

    NBA 4! you mean….seriously, a NBA 5 ARE YOU SERIOUS?

    I’ll have my Jajuan interview post up in the next couple of days talking about that exact topic.

  2. paulmbanks says

    I hope we got as many EA tags as possible in WP on this

  3. Paul Schmidt says

    You know, she just walked right by me…she really is very, very pretty.

  4. paulmbanks says

    it’s another slow-paced big ten game…but there is erin andrews to look at

  5. paulmbanks says

    how does every ball get stuck?? seriously…how is EA just so ridonkulously hot? seriously

  6. paulmbanks says

    Have we talekd about Erin Andrews’ butt yet?

    btw, whats wuith Painter going deep into his bench? 12 guys have played already, and 3 guys that are so obscure, they havent even heard of themselves

  7. A public service announcement: Watch out for freezing fog(black ice) on the drive home.

  8. Paul Schmidt says

    LOL…that’s my mom, ladies and gentlemen! We’ll be careful mom!

  9. I’m excited for Marquette at DePaul tomorrow…

  10. paulmbanks says

    I’m not as excited about this game right now. thigns have gone from bad to worse. DJ Richardson?? brought his road shooting home with him. terrible first half…just hit a 3 now right ad I type this. just happens all the time doesnt it

  11. paulmbanks says

    You can tell this is an ESPN game, because the timeouts are taking LONG! It’s 10 and we have 4 b-ball minutes left…which probably means we have about 10-15 min left

  12. what agony..prolonging the inevitable.

  13. This is HILARIOUS!!! I only wanted Erin updates anyhow.. ;)

  14. paulmbanks says

    LOL! We aim to please.

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