Erin Andrews, ESPN College Gameday, Coming to Chicago’s Wrigleyville Classic



I heard a rumor last night. Then this morning, I saw this published on the blog of our good friend and Chicago Now brother Spread Far the Fame (also the creator of that lovely graphic above)

ESPN’s College Gameday will be coming to our city for the Northwestern vs. Ill-ANNOY game at Wrigley this Saturday. It marks the first time since November of 1995 the preeminent college pregame show will originate from a Northwestern home game. This is big.  This is huge.  This is our chance to show the world that Northwestern is Chicago’s Big Ten team.

I’ll let your slam at my alma mater slide for now, because I agree this is ginormous news! (And I’ll retort your dig later)

Big news for the Big Ten, big news for the Illini, big news for college football (sort of), big news for the Cubs (I guess). Erin Pageviews, the Queen of All Sports Media is going to be in my neighborhood! Yes, I must repeat that. Erin Andrews in going to be in “Wildcat Alley” to cover the Wrigleyville classic.

It looks like your graphic has come true. Well, kind of.

Fairly close anyway.

erin andrews

An email at 2pm from Northwestern’s SID:

It is also CONFIRMED that ESPN’s College Gameday show will be coming to Wrigley Field this Saturday. Will have more details for you once we decide on location, etc. Thanks.

So Chicago, let’s be classy to EA, arguably the 4th most written about individual in TSB history (I think Jenn Sterger is #1, Evan Turner #2, Jenn Brown #3).

No funny business, like this College Gameday sign from last year; basically an instance of sexual harassment. Despite, it’s proper grammar that was unacceptable.

Again whether you’re wearing purple or orange, or even if you’re a Phoenix Suns fan and you wear both colors at the same time, let’s not be churlish hooligans (this isn’t a Cubs-Cardinals series) in front of Ms. Andrews.

When Gameday came to Illini basketball vs. Michigan State, I think we all behaved well, let’s emulate that.

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