Deron Williams, All-Star: About Frickin Time!


By Paul M. Banks

Yesterday was a glorious day that I have waited a long time for. It felt exactly like a special night about 14 years ago when a T.F. South high school cheerleader took…well never mind, let’s just focus on the now.

Deron Williams will return to his hometown as an NBA All-Star. The former Illini will suit up for the Western Conference Feb. 14 NBA at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, according to the report. The Utah Jazz point guard is the first NBA All-Star from Illinois since Don Ohl in 1967, according to UI sports information.

Yes, Happy Valentine’s Day Illination!

This long overdue and glowingly triumphant day has finally come. And with the Bulls’ Derrick Rose, quite possibly the best pure point guard in the East, also making his All-Star debut in this game, it will be must see/must DVR television for me. I just hope they get a ton of on-court time guarding each other. The only combination I can think of possibly as visually pleasing to me would be…synergizing that Britney Spears video from a couple years ago where she’s naked in the sauna, with the one from like ten years ago where she’s rolling around on the beach with a bikini top and Daisy Dukes on. (To those of you who just lost respect for me on that analogy, remember I’m talking about watching Ms. Spears, not dating/having a conversation with her batshit crazy, southern fried, self-oblivious, white trash ass.)

Basically, I got sick of hearing about “all the great point guards in the West” and how “all the other good point guards in the West get more publicity, have more of a name”. I don’t care! Williams was all NBA 2nd team in 2008, a season in which he finished third in the NBA in assists. Now how you can be regarded as the 2nd best at your position in the LEAGUE, yet not be named among the top three at your position in your CONFERENCE at All-Star time is beyond reason. Like Glenn Beck level beyond reason and logic. But Williams took that snub to heart, and showed his detractors by winning the skills competition at All-Star weekend that year.

Last season, D. Will finished second in the NBA in assists, but was again snubbed from All-Star consideration. At selection time Deron was  averaging 19.2 ppg and 10.0 apg. Similar to the previous year, he responded to the snub by unleashing his fury, scoring 30+ points in five consecutive games before the break.

Now of all the man-crushy type D. Will articles I’ve written on this site (all of which have mysteriously vanished from the archives for some reason) the best one was where I broke down the NBA careers of every ex-Illini of this generation. I skipped the Whiz Kids and the guys from the every-player-was-white-and-wore-short shorts-with-a-buzz-cut era. That all happened decades before I was born anyway.

I found the former Illini with the most prestigious NBA career was Derek Harper. Who coincidentally (not ironically, even though a whole generation of writers today incorrectly say this is irony, thank you Alanis Morrissette!) played most of his career in Dallas, which is both Williams’ hometown and the site of this year’s game.

Because this snippet from Harper’s wikipedia entry really hit home: “He retired having the eleventh most steals and the seventeenth most assists in NBA history, and is widely regarded with the dubious distinction as being one of the best players to never make it to the All-Star game.”

Prior to today, I was worried that Williams may have been on a similar unfortunate path.

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  1. Charley Davis says

    Of course D-Will deserved this honor much sooner, but in defense of the NBA coaches, in the past the Jazz have had mediocre starts due to Deron always coming on stronger to close-out seasons.

  2. That’s a good pt. Charley. he does always finish stronger (as does Utah) than he starts. Writing this gave me an idea. I could take a list of NBA power rankings at the point guard position, and match them up with how Britney looked in public.

    I did two already. Maybe CP3 would be her video where she ripped off Bobby Brown’s song, and she’s in that white underwear. The shaved head look would be Rafer Alston when he was forced to start for the Nets

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