1. Sorry but I don’t agree with my Wichita State Shockers at 9. They should probably closer to a 6 or 7 seed due to getting tons of votes EVERY WEEK.

  2. Again, Wichita State has killed their last 3 opponents WITHOUT 3 of their starters. I went to the Southern Miss and Northern Iowa games, and they could do NOTHING against WSU who doesn’t have their best player, Carl Hall, and 2 other starters, Ron Baker and Evan Wessel.

  3. Come on Man!!!! Sundevils are a top 30 program with 19 wins and will get 5 or more wins by year-end. There is no way they should be kept out of the dance.

  4. by top 30 program, do you mean an RPI of 71 and SOS of 120?

  5. I WOULD LOVE A 2ND ROUND MATCHUP BETWEEN MY HOMETOWN WICHITA STATE SHOCKERS AND MY FAVORITE TEAM, MY KANSAS JAYHAWKS! Also, very unfortunate that Wichita State lost to Creighton. Hopefully, we can win the Valley conference tourney title! Also, hopefully, my Jayhawks can pull off the Big 12 conference tourney title! Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Go Shox!

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