Five Tracks Every Horse Racing Fan Should Visit



Horse racing is an essential cultural event in communities where these races are held. This ancient, outdoor sport hasn’t changed its basic premise of racing to identify the fastest horse on a given course of obstacles or distance. 

Nicknamed ‘’Sport of Kings’’, horse racing was popular amongst royalties and aristocrats. However, this prestigious sport, from the breeding of these racehorses to their racing, the main purpose is revenue generation through gambling. 

Currently, it is a huge multi-billion-dollar business of public entertainment whose popularity continues to date. Herein are the top tracks for horse racing around the world. 


  1. Churchill Downs

Two minutes have never been as exciting as when watching the Kentucky Derby, every first Saturday of May. Located in Louisville, United States, Churchill Downs is the home of Kentucky Derby and also Kentucky Oaks. 

The Kentucky Derby recorded a historic physical attendance of over 170,000 in 2015 and is still one of the sporting events of the United States best attended to date. The main grandstand has attendees that are lavishly dressed, and women with oversized hats. The more casually dressed attendees will be seen mainly in the infield that has a party environment. 

  1. Del Mar Race Track

Set on the northern side of San Diego, California, Del Mar Race Track sits on a 370-acre piece of land. This beautiful premier racetrack opened in 1934, with an arena that can seat 3500 people, and has been in operation since. 

Del Mar holds about 300 events for horse racing, with the famous hat contest on Opening Day becoming quite popular. The most popular races on this racecourse are the San Diego County Fair, Del Mar National Horse Show and the Holiday of Lights. You can bet on your winning horse online, right from your smartphone or tablet. Del Mar Race Track races are held from July all through to September and November to early December. 

  1. Saratoga Springs

Opened in 1863 in Saratoga Springs, United States, this racecourse has seen many top horses in history win and register losses as well, hence the nickname “graveyard of champions.” Saratoga is one of the few old sporting venues still standing and in good shape in the United States. 

Saratoga is famous for its mineral spring, and this iconic bell that is rung by hand every 17 minutes before the races begin, as a way of signaling the jockeys to move to the paddock. The racecourse holds three famous races, namely Whitney Handicap, Alabama stakes, and the Travers Stakes. 

  1. Santa Anita Park

Opened in 1934, Santa Anita Park has the most beautiful scenery as you watch the big horse races of the season. The magnificent San Gabriel Mountains are in clear view from the park, and you are allowed to drift away and get lost in its beauty in between the matches.  

The racecourse has had the Breeders’ Cup held there, while the prestigious Santa Anita Handicap and the Santa Anita Derby are an annual spectacle. 


  1. Tokyo Racecourse

Tokyo Racecourse is located in Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan, and was opened in 1933. The racecourse is enormous and can hold up to 223,000 fans, with the large video screens; therein, the largest there is in the world. These features saw it nicknamed “The Racecourse of Racecourses.” 

The racecourse holds three famous races: Japanese Derby, Japan Cup, and the Japanese Oaks. Its track comprises of a dirt track, five grass courses, and a jump course. 

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