Who has the Most Accurate NHL Mock Draft?


2011 nhl draft the sports bank hockey

When it comes to grading a mock draft? You can do that as soon as the draft ends. And one website, DC Pro Sports Report, has done just that. They ranked every single NHL mock on the web, and take a look at who the #1 non-Canadian is.

Here are your TOP THREE:

1.  Adam Kimelman, NHL.com – 7 Correct

2.  Franchise Montreal (Rick Springhetti) – 6 Correct

3.  The Sports Bank – 5 Correct

Like I’ve said before, The Sports Bank is the only independently owned, non-corporate sports media site that has a mock draft for all of the four biggest sports team leagues. And we had the most accurate hockey mock draft among all American mock draftniks.

We’re also #1 overall in the most accurate for NBA mock drafts more on that here.

Did anyone see a ranking for NFL and MLB mock drafts? I’d like to see how myself and Jake McCormick did. It’ll be difficult to see if we kept pace with our NBA and NHL guys.

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