Wayne Gretzky skating in a Chicago Blackhawks jersey? Yes, really



No that’s not an airbrush or a photo shop. It’s truly The Great One Wayne Gretzky in a Chicago Blackhawks jersey. It’s a vision every Hawks fan dreamed of in 1986.

Upon further inspection of a pic that is pure blasphemy to Los Angeles Kings and Edmonton Oilers fans…

…you can buy it at Gretzky.com, and you’ll see a site dominated by pics of guys in red Blackhawks sweaters at a hockey fantasy camp. So now the picture becomes much clearer- a fantasy NHL camp where the Hawks were the team of choice.

I got the pic itself from Gretzky’s official Twitter, which tweets this underneath the image:

Wayne Gretzky and Brett Hull wearing a @NHLBlackhawks jersey. More available on http://www.gretzky.com http://pic.twitter.com/pgCVWm9h

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