“Scandalous” Blackhawks Limo Party Pics You’ve Heard About


Republishing from 2010:

Chicago Blackhawks players getting drunk and silly in a limo with the young ladies. After the Patrick Kane incident this past summer, this revelation is anything about shocking. But congratulations to the Blackhawks- the previously afterthought franchise of Chicago has now arrived; into the same category as Josh Hamilton, Matt Leinart, Kyle Orton, Joe Alexander, etc.

Welcome to the world of Iphones, cell phone cameras, Flipshare vids, web 2.0 etc. Where this stuff happens all the time and gets a lot more press than it did during the Original Six Era. Athletes make horrible role models- deal with it. Period.

Like Charles Barkley said in the 90s: “parents should be role models.”

UPDATE: Patrick Kane said he’s “got some growing up to do.” In regards to the public release of these pictures. I disagree. I think he should enjoy every minute of his youth. And I don’t think he did anything terribly wrong here. He certainly didn’t do anything terribly right or admirable or anything that should be emulated, but to quote Bobby Brown, it’s his prerogative, he can live how he wants to live.

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  1. mswollering says

    1. Who knows? But everyone needs an escape.

    2. Must have. That’s backwards. Unless…

    3. Seriously, yes. Not great looking women, don’t mean to be mean, but there are other fish in the sea if you’re a player in the NHL.

  2. Hello…the reason why they are hanging with ugly women is that it’s CANADA! They would do better if in the USA. And Jesus, the kid’s 21. Let him have some fun. He doesn’t need to grow up yet. Madden…yeah, he’ll need to figure something out. Maybe he was just there to look after Kane and Versteeg. Probably wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t punch out the limo driver.

  3. Canucks Fan says

    Buy his standards those girls are hot. I guess he got tired of fat, and ugly american chicks. Canada has some of the hottest women on the planet. Your boys are just used to the fuglies

  4. “Buy” his standards.. Huh?? Americans, such as myself, can be “fuglies” (cool word by the way), but we can spell… ;)

  5. blackhawksfan123 says

    I finid it absolutely disgusting that John Madden is out with these guys. He wasn’t looking after the two kids under 24…he wanted to be one. This guy habitually cheats on his wife with repulsive women, has a rep for partying way beyond his years, and needs to seriously reevaluate his life. Dude, your wife is hot. You have two young kids. Why are you doing this to to your family? Everyone knows this isn’t your first go around either…you’ve got so much talent man, why don’t you step up and stop being such a scumbag and act like the family man you’re SUPPOSED to be.

  6. Chi-town Rob says

    I dont know but it sure beats the hell out of those damn CHEVY phone texts commercials!!!

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