College Hoops 101



By David K.

In this weekly article at I give you the 101 on what has happened in the week of college basketball and what is to come in the days ahead.


-Big ups to Jason Moe’s Arizona Wildcats for pulling off the upset over previously unbeaten Gonzaga.  Zona’s Big 3 of Jordan Hill, Chase Budinger, and Nic Wise is impressive, but they will certainly need some help from the supporting cast when Pac 10 play gets underway.

-Stephen Curry is out of his mind.  Nobody can take over a college game like him.  Dude started 1 of 16 from the field Tuesday night against West Virginia, but ended up hitting 8 of his last 11 shots and scoring Davidson’s final 13 points in a three-point win.  He also added ten assists.  Oh by the way, he then dropped 41 on Saturday.

-By the way, Curry’s younger brother, Seth leads all freshmen in the country averaging 21.4 points per game at Liberty.  Like his older bro, Seth was overlooked by major Division One schools and is skinnier than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, but can (in your best Dickie V. voice) “flat out shoot the rock baby!”

-Time for my All-Something team of the week.  This 101 focuses on the most underrated/under-the-radar players in college hoops.  You probably haven’t heard of them (unless you are a huge nerd like me), but should remember the names:

Dante Cunningham, Sr, F, Villanova-
At 6-8, Cunningham is a bit under-sized to play the post, but really the only legitimate post presence the Cats have.  He is often overlooked in favor of Nova’s talented perimeter players, but he is averaging about 17 points and 8 rebounds a game

Jeff Teague, Soph, PG, Wake Forest- Demon Deacon forwards Al-Farouq Aminou and James Johnson are big-time NBA prospects and get most of the publicity at Wake, but Teague makes this team go.  He’s averaging more than 20 points, 4 boards, and 5 assists a game and shooting 57% from downtown.

Evan Turner, Soph, G/F, Ohio State- Turner has helped lead the Buckeyes to an unbeaten record.  He’s averaging almost 17 points, 8 rebounds, and 3 steals a game while shooting lights out.  If OSU keeps their undefeated streak alive, he won’t fly under the radar for long.


Mike Davis, Soph, PF, Illinois- For a team that I figured would rely very heavily on their guards, Davis has been a very pleasant surprise down low.  After only averaging 2.6 points, 1.8 rebounds a game last season as a freshman, Davis leads the Illini in points and rebounds.  Davis, the conference’s leading rebounder, could be the most important piece to their NCAA Tournament puzzle.

Fast Forward

-I am expecting a track meet when Marquette and Tennessee meet Tuesday night in Nashville at the Big East/SEC Invitational.  This will be a match-up of teams with mirror styles.  Both the Golden Eagles and Vols love to push the tempo, are loaded with athletes, lack size down low, and are streaky shooters from the outside.

-Saturday reads like potential Elite Eight caliber games:

UConn at Gonzaga
Duke at Xavier
Syracuse at Memphis
Michigan St. at Texas
Davidson at Purdue
… and don’t sleep on #10 Louisville visiting unbeaten Minnesota.  Let’s just say it is a good thing I have Saturday off.

-The ACC schedule tips-off Sunday when undefeated Clemson heads to Miami FL.  There should be a rule of no conference games before the New Year.  It’s just too early.

The Push to 225

I set an over/under for myself at the beginning of the season.  My goal is watch at least 225 college basketball games this season thanks to the wonder that is DVR.  To clarify, I have to watch the entire game from opening tip to the final whistle, unless it is a blow-out late and the scrubs are brought in.  And for the record, if I had ESPNU, I would set the over-under at 300.  Here is my weekly update:

Games watched through 12/14:  61

Games watched this past week: 13
Nebraska at Arizona State
Florida at Florida St.
Hawaii at Illinois
Idaho St. at Wisconsin
Texas vs. Villanova
Davidson vs. West Virginia
TCU at Indiana
St. Joseph’s at Villanova
UW-Green Bay at Wisconsin
Tennessee at Temple
Memphis at Georgetown
UMass at Kansas
Gonzaga at Arizona



  1. Davis poppin his colla! rep it rep it….ONIONS!!!

  2. ARIZONA!!!! What a win…Great Game… Dave, you are right, the big three need some help..Kyle Fogg and Horne hope to be those guys..

    Arizona’s next game: Saturday on Versus 3pm against UNLV

    Diddy Out…

  3. Ghost in the Machine says

    TN will probably be pissed they got rocked Saturday and will crush MU. Hope not.

  4. Ghost is just a Debbie Downer when it comes to Marquette… said we were gonna get BLOWN out by Wisconsin if I remember correctly…

  5. Yes, but do you know that the Big10 is #1 in conf RPI and ILL is #18 nationally

  6. Big Ten is about as week as the Pac-10..Arizona is tough tho..

    Moe Out

  7. week? which week Moe? week one or week 2? Ha ha just givin you shit

  8. Ghost in the Machine says

    I was wrong last time with my MU prediction, so hopefully I’ll be 0-2.

  9. Banks, good catch…Now you must go down..haha

    Diddy Out

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