Top 4 Apps For Weight Lifting Exercises


Thanks to the rise of technology weight training no longer needs to take place at the gym. With the right apps and equipment, you can get yourself a great workout without even leaving your home. If you’re wondering which are the best weight lifting apps to use, take a look at these four options.

1 . Fitbod

With the help of the Fitbod app, you can work on your fitness goals, whether you’re looking to lose weight or develop muscle. The Fitbod training regime will guide your workout using the right reps, sets, and training exercises, to help you make progress. The Fitbod app offers a customized plan to help you improve and reach your full potential. Your training plan covers all muscle groups, to ensure that you get the best workout possible. The app will help you to learn strength-building exercises, using whichever equipment to have at home. Handy features include:

  • Demonstration videos to ensure you’re performing the moves correctly.
  • Weight training advice and tips.
  • Create exercise records to track your progress.
  1. Strong 

Looking to perform weight lifting exercises from the comfort of your own home? Strong is the perfect app to support you through your training. Using the application you can access animated videos, to ensure you’re making excellent progress. The Strong app will calculate the weight you’re lifting, including your progress and your rep max. This tool offers support for assisted bodyweight exercises, duration exercises, and more. Using the warm-up calculator you can figure out the weights that you should use to warm up. For the perfect approach to weight training, this is an excellent app.

  1. JetFit

JetFit is one of the best apps for weight training, bodybuilding, and strength plans. Using the JetFit application you can keep fit, boost your progress, and improve your home gym sessions. The app provides a wide range of different programs including beginner courses, stronglifts, weightlifting, and advanced bodybuilding. Whether you have limited space, or you’ve got some great equipment, you’ll find a workout to suit your needs. A few of the top features of the app include:

  • Track your workouts, from reps to weights, and see your results.
  • Over 1300 videos from weight lifting pros.
  • Customized programs to suit you.
  • Create goals to motivate yourself and stay on track.
  • Make new friends in the fitness community.
  1. Stronglifts 5×5

If you’re looking for a simple workout planner and weight lifting app, Stronglifts 5×5 is for you. Here you’ll find the perfect workout for beginners, you can input your lifts, and receive a personalized workout roadmap. The application encourages users to perform three exercises each week, completing around 45 minutes each time. The tool guides users through their weightlifting workout, helping them know which weights to use, and offering plenty of advice.

To create the perfect weight lifting regimen you may well want to invest in some special equipment. Whether you’re looking for Standard Barbell Plates or kettlebells, do a little research to assess your options.


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