Taking Up Volleyball? You’ll Need these Kit Essentials



Volleyball is a demanding sport that requires incredible hand-eye coordination, fast reactions and the ability to work as a team. Taking up volleyball means working on all these skills, getting regular exercise and making new connections within the sport.

However, while it’s tempting to find a volleyball and start working on your passing and blocking, having the right kit is essential to your safety, performance and your enjoyment of the sport. As volleyball can be played indoors and outdoors, there may be differences in your indoor court kit to your beach volleyball gear, however, there are some pieces of equipment that no avid volleyballer should be without. 

Read on to discover the kit essentials you’ll need for taking up volleyball.

The Right Shoes

Playing any kind of sport requires the right footwear, designed for your chosen activity. Footballers wouldn’t play with basketball shoes on, or vice versa and the same logic applies to volleyballers. The ideal volleyball shoes should have your comfort, safety, support and performance in mind.

This means a comfortable midsole to give your feet the cushioning they need for your foot positions, stability to keep your ankles supported, strong traction and grip to keep you upright and able to move quickly and made of lightweight material that allows you to jump higher and move freely. The right shoes can keep you safe and prevent you from sustaining an injury, so it’s important not to assume that wearing regular trainers will suffice.

Knee Pads

Volleyball comes with inevitable tumbles and dangerous falls, therefore protecting your knees where possible is essential to prevent injuries and to ensure you’re up and off the ground as quickly as possible. Whether you’re new to the sport or looking to improve your performance, investing in a set of high-quality knee pads can give you the protection you need during this demanding game.

The Right Clothing

If you’re playing for a team or in a specific tournament, then you may be required to wear uniforms with specific colours, logos or sponsors. However, in general play or training events wearing lightweight, athletic clothing such as shorts, t-shirts, and hoodies that can be easily removed when required are ideal. As you play volleyball, you can expect your core temperature to rise, therefore your clothing should be cooling and non-restrictive.

A First Aid Kit

Your volleyball coach will hopefully have access to a first aid kit, however, if you and your teammates are practising without the presence of a coach, then you should always prioritise safety and have a first aid kit to hand. Bandages, sterile wipes, gloves, plasters, sun cream and medical tape are some of the most basic items you should have to hand.

cubs water bottle

And Finally:

A Water Bottle

Exercising whilst dehydrated is inherently dangerous. Keeping yourself hydrated whilst playing sports keeps you safe, enhances your performance and prevents you from becoming ill. Invest in a new water bottle to take to training and sporting events.


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