Supplements: Do You Really Need Them For Those Gains?


For many gym beginners, there are many things that can prove to be intimidating at first. Things such as form, nutrition, and exercise routines are some of the things that those just starting out tend to worry about. The use of supplements is a point of confusion that beginners have that can either help or hinder their progress. This confusion stems from the fact that there are so many supplements to choose from, and like any practical person, a beginner needs to choose supplements that yield the best possible results.  

A poor choice in supplements will not only hurt your gains, but it will also hurt your wallet — let’s face it, supplements aren’t cheap! But before we can even have a discussion on what supplements you should get as a beginner, we first need to define what exactly are bodybuilding supplements. 

What Are They? 

Bodybuilding supplements are dietary supplements that are intended to help increase lean body mass, gain muscle mass, improve athletic performance, and facilitate fat loss. These come in a wide variety and brands. These Optimum Nutrition products are some of the best examples of bodybuilding supplements. 

It should be understood that supplements are not progress starters, but rather they are progress enhancers. This means that while supplements are not necessary for muscle growth, they optimize the progress you’re currently making. 

Essential Supplements 

Now, as a beginner, you’re going to want to select supplements that yield the results that are worth your money. We suggest: 

  • Protein Powder – The amino acids contained within protein are the building blocks of muscle. Without an ample supply of protein, your muscles will not be able to recover and increase muscle density and size. Whey protein is arguably the most popular workout supplement because it has been found to yield the best results as far as muscle growth is concerned. 
  • Fish Oil – Fish oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids which help improve cardiac health as well as joint health. Omega-3 fatty acids also help mitigate inflammation, which is essential for athletes who undergo regular rigorous training. 
  • Vitamin D – While Vitamin D can be naturally acquired through healthy amounts of exposure to the sun, people who live in colder climates might need to supplement their diet with Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for chronic fatigue and joint pain reduction and relief. It also helps prevent seasonal depression and uncontrolled weight gain. 

The Bottom Line 

Again, workout supplements are not necessary for muscle gain. In fact, regular exercise that’s performed with good technique, proper rest, and proper nutrition will help your body build muscle. That doesn’t mean that supplements do not have a place in our routine. Supplements will improve the quality of your gains, accelerate their growth, and will even increase your resistance to injuries. 

With this in mind, it should also be noted that supplements will yield the best benefits when they are taken in the appropriate dosage for your weight and muscle mass. When consumed in excessive amounts, these benefits are wasted, and overdosing on some supplements may even be harmful to your body. So, as with all things, consume these supplements responsibly and go get those gains! 

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