Why Wearing Appropriate Clothing for Running Is a Must


People would often say “dress for success”. Yes, this is also true for sports and fitness. Wearing the proper clothes for your fitness workout is not just an expression of fashion, though sometimes this is also a factor for some people. It can also serve as a motivation for a person to execute very well in their workout. Running, in the same way, requires appropriate fitness clothes. One has to have a pair of running shoes that are in good condition and lightweight running clothes. 

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Here are benefits that a person can get from wearing the proper clothes for running.


One main benefit of wearing the appropriate running apparel is the comfort that they bring. A person can run well if he wears clothing and a pair of shoes that make him comfortable. Wearing the wrong size of shoes can give blisters, a sports bra that is too tight can make it difficult for a person to breathe, or shorts with inappropriate cloth material can be irritating to the thighs. If this happens, the person will not enjoy what he is doing and it will just irritate him as he runs around.  Choosing the proper style, size, and fabric that can provide comfort will make the person run well without getting distracted from any discomfort from what he wears. Wearing comfortable clothes will help the person focus on his running pace and it gives confidence instead of being conscious of how he is feeling with uncomfortable clothes.

Wide Range of Motion

Wearing the proper size for the person’s body can give a better movement. Running with wide-legged jogging pants can make it difficult for a person to run and limiting him to run faster as the weight of the fabric can also drag him. Wearing proper running shoes is better than running with a pair of sneakers. With the appropriate size of running shoes, a person can make detours easier. Wearing lightweight material will also make the runner move at a faster rate. Here’s a tip: when buying socks, there is also a proper sock for running. Check out for polyester or acrylic material to prevent blisters and moisture. The length will depend on the weather, long-running socks are used during winter while short ones during the summer. In general, for better performance, running clothes should be flexible enough to allow the body to move freely.


Buying proper clothes for running will cost a little high but with the quality of material that a person can get, it can also mean savings in his pocket. The logic to this is simple, if a person buys something correctly for its purpose, the material will likely serve for a long period, but if a material is bought and it is used for a wrong purpose, then it can get destroyed due to misuse. If this happens, there is a need to buy another one, and this will double the expenses as compared to buying an appropriate and durable material. Durable running clothes can also give the benefit of longer usability.


Proper clothing material can protect a runner from the environment especially if he is running outdoors. Fabrics for running that can help the body cool down during hot weather or sportswear that is for cold weather can make the runner perform well because he is protected from extreme environmental conditions. When the weather is cold, however, layering should be at a minimum or the clothes should give proper ventilation to allow easier body temperature regulation. Another benefit of using proper attire is for safety. Reflectors are placed on running shoes and garments so that mobile drivers can see a person running easily especially if it is in poorly lit routes, during late afternoons or early dawn. Similarly, wearing cushioned or padded running sorts or pants can protect the runner from injury. For any fitness activity, safety is a priority and the proper attire plays a big role to prevent any injuries or accidents to a person.

Appropriate running clothes are not only beneficial for outdoor running workouts, nowadays virtual fitness workouts can be accessed over the internet. Popular fitness blogs also mention what a virtual race is all about. Anyone can join such race and he can do it in his preferred location or he can join using his treadmill at home. Despite being a virtual fitness contest in running, it is still advisable to wear the proper running garments to avoid any accidents while doing it from home.


Appropriate attire for running should be breathable. Since the workout is running, a person will be perspiring a lot, and being able to cool down the body because of breathable fabrics can help moisture dry faster. Wearing a garment that absorbs the sweat can bring more weight on the clothing, making the runner uncomfortable. Unlike if it is a dry-fit type of material, the runner will stay dry and cool after running making him fresh after a workout. Lastly, body odor or smelly workout clothes can be prevented because bacteria will not likely build up once the fabric is dry.

Some fabrics are also designed to lessen the build-up of lactic acid during sweating. Lactic acid causes fatigue and pain. If the garment can stop the lactic acid build-up, then the runner will not feel any pain after the run. For women, wearing a breathable sports bra is very important because it supports the chest and the back. A good sports bra should be something adequate for the chest and it gives full firm support to the back to avoid back pain. 


So there, these are the important reasons why wearing appropriate clothes for running matters. Aside from making a person feel good and be highly confident, it makes him perform better, it also reduces the risk of getting any injury, and it keeps the runner protected from extreme weather conditions. Wearing appropriate clothes plays a very important role in achieving the success of a runner who wants to reach the finish line in the shortest possible time.

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