How to choose golf iron sets


Purchasing a new golf iron can be pretty exciting of a thing for many golfers. We totally understand that. But, choosing the right one can be an equally daunting task as well. There are just many options out there. Shortlist the good ones, or even getting started with shortlisting can feel like reaching nowhere.  Moreover, choosing the right and reliable golf iron set is simply very important for the very matter that it can significantly influence your game. So upgrading or replacing the iron set can be a little daunting.  

However, for some reason, people buying golf iron sets often are under the wholly wrong impression that just paying a higher price will get you the ideal, high-quality golf iron set. This cannot be further from the truth. There are just so many factors that matter when you are looking to choose an ideal golf iron set. Moreover, there are things that are quite beyond the price factor. If you look for the right things and at the right place, you may find some of the best golf club set under 500 bucks itself! 

In this article, we discuss everything that needs to be taken into account when you are trying to choose a good golf iron suitable for you. With this, we hope to help you start looking for the right product as well as buy the ones that are worth the penny.  

Things to consider while buying golf iron sets 

Here are some tips on the things to keep in mind when you are looking for good quality iron sets.  

Your requirements: 

Your needs and current skills should be taken into account when you are hunting the ideal product. For example, if you don’t play often, but you are a good player, you might want to look for game-improvement irons that are somewhat more forgiving. It would allow you to have overall better performance and experience. Look for the ones that make the game the most enjoyable to you.  


Soles do matter. Basically, the shot will be easily airborne if you have slightly wider soles. It is usually good with game-improvement irons. On the other hand, player irons would more be of the narrow-sole type.  

Multiple trials: 

The comfort that one can have with their tools, in this case,, the golf iron, it is more or less something you need to feel. And, feel is something you cannot quantify. So, before you decide on a particular golf iron, simply get to one of those sports places around you or to some of your golfer friends to get a feel of different products, see which of the iron sets feels right in your hands. Find the one that offers you the level of comfort that offers you an extra bit of confidence. Basically, as you take it swing, the very feel of the shaft should make you feel pleased and at ease. I know it is quite subjective and not objective. However, this is something very personal and the choice may vary from person to person.  

Weight of the shaft: 

The shaft has grown pretty lighter over all these decades. Compared to the older shaft, we can find the modern-day shaft as much as 30 grams lighter. Popular opinion is that when we take the swing at the same speed with a somewhat lighter shaft, the club will cover a greater distance, traveling relatively faster.  


After all this discussion, you probably know how important is “comfort” in the matter of choosing an ideal golf iron. So, pretty much like your clothes and shoes, it will be a wise choice to have a custom fit iron that suits your size, requirements, and comfort.  


We did mention that price is not everything or the determinant of the quality when it comes to golf iron sets. However, it certainly has some parts to play as well. While the most expensive may iron set may not be the best available for you, the cheapest wouldn’t be a good choice either. You need to look for a balance between the price and the budget.  

We hope this article has been intuitive and helped you to a certain extent in determining the things you need to look for when buying a golf iron.  

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