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Before you hit the links this summer, you got to get out to the range and practice. Even the best of us, need to hit up the golfing range where we can work on both our drives and our putting. It’s time to hit the golf range. You can get a list of range finder suggestions from Once there, be sure to interact with others that can help you augment your game.

However, you don’t want to look like a novice while all the pros are conversing in insider jargon. Therefore, you might want to bone up on the terminology before hitting the range. That’s where we come in with this guide to terms frequently used in the world of golf.


Once you have the lingo down, you can move on to sharpening up your technique. Knowing is half the battle, and you need to get the mental part of the game on lock, before you start working on the physical.

Ace – A hole in one (refer below to find out what a hole in one is) A hole in one – when a player hits the ball from the tee into the cup with one shot.

Birdie – One under par score on a hole (refer to P for par)

Bogey – One over par score on a hole

Divot – When you embarrassingly remove some of the turf when hitting a shot. (If you do end up doing this, at least you can impress them with the right terminology.)

Eagle – As a ‘birdie’ is one under, an eagle is two under par score on a hole.

Fore – A warning term. It is usually shouted out when a shot made is potentially endangering another player.

Flub – A really poor shot. It does nothing but cause certain loss in score.

Grain – The direction in which the grass has grown. This will have influence on the speed of the ball.

Green – The area that is around the hole where the grass is typically very short.

Half shot – A less powerful swing usually used for short distance shots.

Hook – A shirt that curves strongly either from right to left or left to right depending on which hand you play with.

In play – The opposite of out of bounds. The shot comes to rest just within the boundaries.

Jungle – A slang term used to refer to the deepest and coarsest part of the course.

Knee knocker – A short putt which you should not really miss but inevitably do.

Kill – To hit the ball with great force.

Lip – refers to the edge of the hole.

Mixed – Simply refers to men and women playing together.

Par – Standard number of strokes for each hole which always includes two putts.

Pin – The flagstick.

Quick – When you rush to make you swing and end up hitting the ball too hard, resulting in a bad shot.

Range – Refers to the practice area.

Unplayable lie – When the weather or ground conditions are poor that you cannot play a shot.

Yips – When you fear missing short putts and signs of this can be nervous twitching.

Now that you have command of the lexicon, you’re ready for the range. Use the top golf rangefinder of 2018 to help you locate a proper establishment near you.





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