The Sports Bank 2020 Holiday Gift Guide


Thursday brings Thanksgiving, which means it’s almost Black Friday, and then the next day Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday follows a week from tomorrow, but this year, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s going to feel like almost all, or at least a majority, of holiday shopping will be done online.

Also, if  you want to know the history of the name Black Friday go here. It’s actually related to a post Civil War financial fraud scheme, not fiscal ledger sheets. Without further ado, let’s commence the holiday gift guide.

Loma Golf Bag

Golfing content is extremely prevalent on this site, and thus we naturally start the gift guide with Sunday Golf. Their primary product is The Loma bag. Here are a few things that make it unique:

-First bag ever designed for Par 3 courses: Fits up to 6-8 clubs comfortably.  Also great for practice at the driving range or walking a quick nine.

-The lightest bag on the market @ 1.9lbs

-Covid approved: Due to golf cart restrictions, The bag has received a lot of interest from clubs who would like to offer it to guests as an alternative to using a cart

-Plenty of pocket space and room for balls, an insulated cooler pocket, and a velcro glove strip.

-Comes in 3 colors, heather gray, cobalt blue, and matte black

And it’s priced under $100, which is difficult to find for a top quality golf bag. So if you’re balling on a budget this Christmas, the Loma bag makes a great gift for the golfer in your life. For the holidays, they are selling these in a bundle at 25% off. Retail value of the bundle is $180 and right now you can get the Loma bag, premium bamboo tees, Sunday Golf stickers, El Clasico Towel, and a crushable golf hat for $129.


Remember a year ago at this time when there was such a stir and controversy surrounding their advertisement? Remember when life was so simple that people had time and space to get upset about a stationary bike ad?

And we had enough energy and carefree days to make fun of them for doing so?

Well Pelo’s stock may have crashed back then, due to outrage culture and extremist political correctness and hyper-oversensitivity, but they got the last laugh now!

One of the biggest winners of the stay-at-home economy, Peloton has seen demand and sales soaring!

If you want one, you better act soon as they have been espousing this message to potential buyers:

“Because our delivery times have been longer than usual, we wanted to give you enough time to prepare this Holiday and New Year’s.”

“If you’re planning on ordering a Peloton Bike, we’d encourage you to shop early as delivery dates are filling up fast.”

“While you wait for your order to arrive, get started with complimentary access to the Peloton App—including strength, yoga, barre and stretching.” Go to for more.

No, I Can’t Get You Free Tickets by Paul M. Banks

It’s a book that’s required reading for anyone interested in the past, present and future of the sports media industry. In recapping he most memorable moments of his career, including a story that inspired memes, t-shirts and a catch-phrase, Banks produces a book that can be classified in several genres.

It’s a digital age version of Jerome Holtzman’s “No Cheering in the Press Box” meets Frank Deford’s “Over Time” for the millenials and Gen Xers.

The reader goes on the road with all-access credentials to a world in a way that provides wanderlust to any sports fan or media member.

Writing with the passion of Bill Simmons’ “Now I can Die in Peace,” Banks provides interviews with high profile athletes at a stage in their careers where they’re not beholden, and thus express themselves with the same candor that he does.

It’s not a book about sports, it’s a book about using the lens of sports to convey the state of journalism today and how we as nation are responding to that.

Buy it here

Bustin’ Balls: World Team Tennis 1974-1978, Pro Sports, Pop Culture, and Progressive Politics by Steven Blush is a rollicking snapshot of the anything-goes 70s era of professional sports. The book is a detailed, photo-filled, and fun look at the hard-to-believe-it-even-happened, World Team Tennis League founded by a consortium of investors including Reggie Jackson and future NFL Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, led by visionary tennis boundary breaker Billie Jean King.

Sports as metaphor is overused in American discourse. Still, nearly fifty years after the phrase “the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat” was coined, we still see the best and the worst of ourselves reflected in sports.

The 1970s civil rights advances gained through seminal Supreme Court decisions changed what sport could be for American athletes.

Bustin’ Balls follows the ups and downs and the tensions as America reckoned with race, gender, and class at home and on the courts. All while the finest players to ever grace the game changed tennis forever.

Yoga Pants/Leggings

Pretty much every female, ages 20s-40s, is wearing these all the time now. Especially Caucasian women, this is definitely some white girl stuff.

In fact, the prolifically provocative pants, so tight that they look painted on sometimes, are so ubiquitous that it feels like wearing them is some kind of Federally mandated uniform (or at least in my neighborhood).

Lululemon is the market leader, with their black colored item the most iconic of this genre.

Atleta isn’t far behind in the space either. What’s interesting about this trend turned crazed turned world domination is that this is gymwear that crossed over to doing everything wear.

Like golf, we have a large health and fitness category on this site, and these items are often a part of the product descriptions we cover. Basically, none of us have anywhere to go right now that involves wearing formal clothes.

For the most part, do we have to “dress nice” anywhere?

No, no we don’t, because “events” aren’t even a thing right now. I have three suits I got pressed and cleaned to take with me to cover a tournament in mid March.

They’re still in the plastic today, as that event was called off. Honestly, I can’t even remember a time I needed to be business casual.

Since we all don’t need to “dress up,” may as well be as comfortable as possible.

Baseball Memorabilia and other Oddities

Check out some of the sports stuff on Etsy, Uncommon Goods, Pottery Barn and Baseballism. You knew there would be lots of baseball stuff in the holiday gift guide.

‘Tis the season for beer, spirits, coffee and more beer!

Two Brothers put together a holiday online store where you can stock up on all your Two Brothers holiday needs.

They’ve got beer (including new releases like Northwind Imperial Stout and Bite Life Hazy IPA), spirits (Yule Mule is back!), coffee (so is Midnight Clear!) and brand-new Holiday Gift Boxes.

If wine or champagne is your thing, then check out The Sip, a black-female founded and owned brand who creates beautifully curated, ready to gift champagne and sparkling wine boxes for any occasion.

They also offer a subscription service which is the perfect gift for any lush who is looking to taste high-end sparkling wines without breaking the bank. Discover 3 sparkling wines, by the glass, 6 times a year to keep your palate fresh and satisfied.

Paul M. Banks runs The Sports Bank, partnered with News NowBanks, the author of “No, I Can’t Get You Free Tickets: Lessons Learned From a Life in the Sports Media Industry,” has regularly appeared in WGNSports IllustratedChicago Tribune and SB NationFollow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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