Can Antonio Conte Finally Bring a Trophy to Tottenham?


Many have tried before, and since 2008, no one has succeeded. Is Antonio Conte the man to finally bring a trophy to Tottenham Hotspur and end their barren spell; one that has been much to the amusement of their Premier League rivals?

Conte comes in at a time when he certainly has a chance. Spurs are involved in the Europa Conference League, the third tier of European football, providing them with a great chance to win something. The latest football betting has Spurs as the 11/2 favourites to win the competition. Given the opposition here, it is likely the club will remain favourites for as long as they are involved.

When Spurs are put against many of the teams involved in the Europa Conference League, they are expected to win the game. They will constantly feature heavily in the football tips for that competition, and even when the third-placed Europa League clubs enter, things are still likely to be the same.

Does this mean that the Europa Conference League is something that Tottenham should target?

What Should be Top Priority at Tottenham?

It is fair to say that the Premier League title has already gone, with Tottenham already too far back to make a real impression. The top four is also something that looks to be a tough task, even though it would give Tottenham the chance to play in the Champions League next season.

The club remains in both domestic cups at the moment and they face West Ham in the Carabao Cup quarter-finals in December, a game that could put them into the last four. This and the FA Cup are possibilities, but there is always the chance of a tough away draw at any point, which would make things difficult for Tottenham.

That leaves the Europa Conference League, and what appears to be the best chance of winning a trophy. Tottenham could be placed against the best team in this competition and would be expected to beat them over two legs. Compared to many others, Tottenham are relative giants of European football, and have both the quality and experience to go close, if not to win.

The day that Conte arrived at Tottenham, it was highly unlikely that his main focus in the job would be to win the Europa Conference League. This is a team that really shouldn’t be in this competition at all, given what it was designed for.

However, it does provide a golden chance for Tottenham to get over the hump and bag a trophy, something that fans would love to see, even if it was just to get opposing fans off their back.

Of course, over time, the success of Antonio Conte will be measured on Premier League success, and that means getting back into the top four. However, after the struggles we have seen from this club over the past few years, it is time for small steps, and those can begin with trying to win a trophy.

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