Tottenham Hotspur Technically End their Trophy Drought (Sort Of)



It’s now official- Tottenham Hotspur have ended their nearly a decade trophy drought; well sort of. Kind of. Maybe. Like our friends at Spurs for Life say, no signings, no problem. Tottenham accumulated more points than any other club who participated in the 2018 International Champions Cup, a series of preseason exhibition friendlies that included 18 European clubs competing in several different countries.

When Inter Milan failed to beat Atletico Madrid by a big enough goal differential yesterday, the result confirmed Spurs as “winners” of the ICC.

There is an actual trophy, and it will be the first one added to the Spurs trophy case since 2009, when they claimed another preseason title, the Barclay’s Asia trophy. As you can see from this commenter on this very site five days ago, this “title” is one that at least one supporter is very excited about, and had been anticipating all week.

That is unless he/she is being ironic.

Winning the ICC is kind of like winning college basketball’s NIT, preseason version- in the words of comedy musical artist Lonely Island: “still counts!”

Past ICC winners include Barcelona (last summer), Paris Saint-Germain (2015, 2016), Manchester United (2014) and Real Madrid (2013). The last time Spurs won an actual, genuine trophy was the 2008 League Cup. The club’s last FA Cup came in 1991, and the last league title came in 1961.

Tottenham Hotspur did claim the UEFA Cup in 1984.

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