Tottenham FA Cup Replay will Support Rochdale for 2-3 Years Says Club Manager



Tottenham Hotspur didn’t win the football match, but they certainly scored a big win for the cause of philanthropy today. Spurs went to Rochdale for a FA Cup fifth round clash that ended in a 1-1 draw. Rochdale, the bottom club in League One, English football’s third division, are a club with financial issues.

The result at 10,200 seat Spotland Stadium today sets up a replay now at Wembley Stadium. Keith Hill, manager of The Dale, says the money made from the tussle at the national stadium will keep the club in business “for the next two or three years.”

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“I don’t know how much it is worth but a lot of money has gone into the new pitch,” Hill said.

“That was a heavy investment for us. Hopefully the money we make will support the club for the next two or three years. We will cut our cloth accordingly and we won’t be in debt.”

Rochdale have never been higher than the third tier of English football, so just getting to go on this trip and take part in this replay will be a win in itself. Kudos to Tottenham Hotspur on their unintended, unwitting charity work this past weekend.

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  1. Cheers Rochdale, glad we could accommodate you — A Spurs Fan

  2. Thats awesome to hear. Clubs like Rockdale are the heart of football and are necessary to the FA and english football. Im a spurs fan and wanted a win obviously but to hear how much the replay at Wembley could help them financially is great. Hope spurs get a win though but i hope the game and experience at wembley for Rockdale is all that and more.

  3. Won’t be much in the way of revenue share for Rochdale with Levy’s Hollywood accounting process coming into play.

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