Danny Rose Apologizes For Ripping Tottenham’s Uneventful Transfer Window


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As they say on Wall Street, “buy and hold” does not mean “buy and coma.” Tottenham Hotspur have had an inactive summer transfer window to say the least, and you could almost say it’s been comatose. Spurs have not bought one single player this summer, not a one, and Tottenham left back Danny Rose called out his team for not showing any proactivity.

You knew there would be some backlash for this! In the sporting world, corporatespeak rules the conversation, and corporatespeak means talking without ever saying anything. You’re not allowed to speak the truth about your own club, and it’s clear that Danny Rose received a lot of blowback for what he told The Sun.

You can read the highlights of that brutally honest interview over at this link.

Today, came the apology, and here’s the text from the statement below:

It’s a shame that more footballers can’t tell it like it is more often, and instead are relegated to staying “on brand.” This situation, and what transpired, it’s the perfect example of why.

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