Top 10 Premier League Scorers of All-Time


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Winning trophies and securing a place in Europe dominates the headlines in England’s top league year after year. However, those situations just arise only in the presence of a great scorer. There’s no more game-changing skill in football than putting the ball in the net, and these footballers below have done it the best.

Here we present you the top 10 scorers of the Premier League era in our opinion. You can check at jbo for top Premier League goalscorer odds of 2020/21 season. 

Top 10 Premier League Scorers of All-Time

10. Les Ferdinand – 149 goals

Les Ferdinand is known by fans for his incredible speed, size, and physical power. The legend of Queen’s Park Rangers and Tottenham Hotspur won the League Cup in 1999, which is the greatest honor in his football career. Ferdinand also hit the 10,000th Premier League goal during his time with Tottenham.

Retiring in 2006, Ferdinand returned to Spurs as a manager. Then he headed back to his other former team QPR to serve as their football director.


9. Michael Owen – 150 goals

Michael Owen is rated as one of the best goal-hunters of his generation. Even though he may be hated by Liverpool fans after transferring to Manchester United, the striker hopes that his legacy with 158 goals in 297 appearances for the Red Devils is legendary for the club.

Owen started his football career as a lightning-fast striker. In fact, that pace is somehow a bit hard to see nowadays, but Owen still can score a few more EPL goals before his Old Trafford days end.

8. Jermain Defoe – 162 goals

Still thriving for Scottish Premiership with Rangers squad, Defoe has had a brilliant career, conquering all the defense over the years.

Scored a century goal in the Premier League in 2011, Defoe became the 20th player to achieve that record. He’s currently the 8th-most goal-hunter in Premier League history. Later in 2016, Defoe scored his 150th Premier League goal, becoming one of the most goalscorers in Premier League history.

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7. Robbie Fowler – 163 goals

There’s nothing short of spectacular with Fowler’s success at Liverpool. This former English sorcerer has scored 120 goals at the EPL for the Reds and earns the nickname “God” as one of the best natural goal-hunters in England football games.

Fowler is a fan cult hero wherever he goes. While many negative rumors surrounded Fowler these days, his first game at Anfield with 183 goals scored solidified him in history as one of the all-time greatest players in the Premier League.

6. Thierry Henry – 175 goals

This former France international is amazing as one of the greatest strikers the game has ever seen, and someone whose performance for Arsenal club is memorable. The spectacular 8 years in London have seen this Frenchman score 228 times in 375 games.

Henry has a charm and elegance that no player in Premier League history can match. Signed by Arsene Wenger as a central striker, Henry and his excellent form made him even more impressed for any Premier League fan.

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5. Frank Lampard – 177 goals

Lampard has identified himself as one of the Premier League’s best strikers as well as Chelsea’s vice-captain with his outstanding long-range attack and unsymmed tackles.

Being the only midfield goal scorer in our top 10, it’s clear how talented he is and how much he has a goal-scoring eye. Lampard has scored 131 Premier League goals and earned himself the Premier League “Player of the Decade” award.

4. Sergio Agüero – 180 goals

There are no bounds to Aguero’s limit and he’s now ranked as Manchester City’s top striker for 8 seasons. In fact, Aguero has net more than 20 goals in 6 seasons and it’s obvious that he etches himself at a high rank on this list.

Combined with his ability to control the ball, agile legs, skills, and power, his teammate named him “a threat in the box”. The Argentine is definitely in the lead in terms of where he landed in the all-time ranking.

3. Andrew Cole – 187 goals

With Manchester United, Andrew “Andy” Cole’s presence in front of goal will be memorized the most. Scoring at Old Trafford with 12 goals in 18 matches within 1 season, Andrew’s important efforts helped Sir Alex Ferguson’s squad stand out in the 20th century. 

For his 8 years dedicated to the Red Devils, this top goalscorer has won 5 league titles and a Champions League. His lightning speed and remarkable finishing ability from all angles and altitudes marked Andrew Cole as one of the all-time best strikers in Premier League history.

2. Wayne Rooney – 208 goals

Wayne Rooney burst into the Premier League with a spectacular strike that ended Arsenal’s 30-game undefeated streak. Also, he has broken the record for the Premier League’s youngest striker.

His creativity, sophistication, and high-minded work ethic make Wayne Rooney different from other typical English football players as well as a real problem for defenders. This midfield player was twice named in the Premier League Team of the Year. Also, Rooney was awarded the title “2009/2010 Premier League Player of the Year”.


1. Alan Shearer – 260 goals

When it comes to the top goalscorer in Premier League history,  no one can beat Alan Shearer. Together with the Blackburn Rovers team’s championship, he has earned the Premier League Golden Boot for 3 consecutive seasons.

Shearer proved his ability to score goals with both feet and from inside out the penalty area. He was also blessed with superior physical strength and air-to-air combat competencies. If there’s a chance to hit the net, Alan Shearer would have done it, obviously.

Throughout English football history, the Premier League is filled with joyfulness and dramatic movements. This era witnessed top scorers from clubs to compete for a position in their all-time top striker chart. Above are our top 10 scorers of Premier League scorers that we think their performances are worth admiring. What’s your point of view? Tell us. 

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